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  1. we learned so much cruella terrific ep!
  2. "You don't stop the party if the record skips" haha Everyone was extra in this ep it was fucking terrific love me some Don Fanelli too!
  3. MattGnosisLoxley

    Episode 490 - Coma Pants

    take out your diiiiiick
  4. Drew is a fucking treasure great ep!!
  5. I think everyone could a Jason Hoppy break haha
  6. This was absolutely insane and I loved every minute! The reddest tomato Four bloated daddies lookin for a Blimpie
  7. MattGnosisLoxley

    Episode 188 - Tawny Newsome, Our Close Friend

    Its so old its beans
  8. MattGnosisLoxley

    Episode 292 - Ice Cream Sex Party

    Johnny Earwolf. perfect. Fantastic ep!
  9. MattGnosisLoxley

    Episode 291 - Little Dick in Famous Places

    TIME!?? woops wrong podcast! that eye scene was perfect
  10. MattGnosisLoxley

    Episode 487 - Genie Awareness

    Fucking Ryan Gaul is incredible "like the length like the sound thats how you do it folks!" - scott aukerfriend
  11. "Ahhh yes the phantom menace!" lololol perfect episode.
  12. MattGnosisLoxley

    Episode 290 - Big Grande II: Bad Dad Persona

    Drew is my hero
  13. Bawitdaba da QUETZALCOATL is now my favorite phrase
  14. HAAAA Im so glad they talked about the guy at the end of the table making a toast that was beyond! That fight was hysterical what a treat. Another thing I loved was Luann teaming up with Dorinda during the argument and then the next day Dorinda putting Lu in her place when they are sitting at the table for drinks..No loyalty lol . Those drinks looked like fucking gatorade maybe it was the lighting... Holy shit that live read was perfection I fucking vomited laughs. Fantastic ep!