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  1. pavlovs_frog

    Episode 543 - The 9th Anniversary Show!

    It's been a while since I've heard Scott sing "it's been awhile." Great stuff.
  2. pavlovs_frog

    Episode 516 - Solo Bolo Cincolo

    I was listening to this episode right before I got my car emissions tested yesterday. I play audio to my car via bluetooth and forgot that it will automatically play whatever I was listening to last when the car is turned on. Right when I turned my car off to hand my keys over to the emissions testing woman Scott said something about trying to "keep it G rated". When I got back to my car the episode was playing again and I'm fairly sure she heard the until "gotta eat ass" bit before the singing of guitar solos.
  3. pavlovs_frog

    Episode 509 - 3 Witches and a Baby

    Please fix the RSS feed asap Earwolf...I'll make it worth your while...
  4. pavlovs_frog

    Episode 500 - The 500th Episode

    This ep put a nice big smile on my face for an hour and 41 minutes.
  5. pavlovs_frog

    #CBB500 T-Shirt Giveaway!

    CBB was my intro to the "UCB scene" and has transformed me from a "guy who likes tv shows" to a full on "comedy nerd." Now whenever someone says "it's been awhile," I instinctively sing it back without hesitation. But most of all, I keep coming back for the laughs, and stick around for the goofs.
  6. pavlovs_frog

    Episode 480 - Tooth of the Sea

    Yeah I thought it was hilarious, they obviously didn't get it at all and he fucked with them the entire time