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  1. Does anyone know the term for a butt doctor? or a doctor that can look at your butt? Pediatrician? Asking for me, not for a friend. I've grown butt cheeks over my ears and can't listen to the show.
  2. I'm not a f***ing clown so no, I'm not gonna post a joke EVERY week. Will listen to this ep tomorrow on my way to therapy. Not a joke lolol
  3. Sorry guys, I'm not posting this week. I've been getting too many likes lately, and it's taking a toll on the Forum Vets... Joe McGurl called me from his bathroom last night, sobbing and begging me not to do something--I couldn't make out what he was saying, bc it sounded like he was having trouble going to the bathroom
  4. Posting here only so that people don't worry about me. I'm safe and still listening. ----And yes I'm on my way to being the next friggin robotam
  5. Just because I don't have a fancy avatar doesn't mean I don't love the show. I'm posting here so early in an attempt to prove this. I think the show be funny good and fun. Peace in the middle east
  6. lpf

    Master Class Season 2 guest wishlist

    Tim god dam Heidecker
  7. OK why is no one freaking wee-weeing in their slacks right now???!?? This is even better news than fhe moment I realized I could kiss MYSELF in the mirror 24/7, instead of waiting till night-time to find someone on a Soft Kissing Table (i've heard people call these "beds")
  8. hey guys chef kevin here
  9. if you laid Sean, Hayes, and Lauren end-to-end it would be like 18 feet, so I won't be able to listen this week. a little too scary haha
  10. what live one? tell me you little kid
  11. Using my Annual Non-Joke-Permission-Slip to recommend the Throwing Shade podcast with ERIN and BRYAN from HH. it is so good !
  12. successfully recruited a new listener, he even didn't listen to pods before "I listened to 3 full eps of HH today... it's so funny wow" literally feels better than stubbing your toe. Because that feels bad and this is very good
  13. you can't delete posts and i accidentally posted twice i'm fucking dead in this town lol
  14. how does this bich always know the night before......
  15. Hollywood Handbook more like I'm Having a Great Time Every Week even If i'm not Laughing Out Loud it's still the Best Content ever Made and I often Do Laugh Even When I'm Alone
  16. Chaffin really brought it, this was a great ep; Sean's TV terminology was so classic Also i Get the show, and when listening, i love to think of myself enjoying it
  17. lpf

    Worst Episode?

    I remember Ellie Kemper not saying much of anything don't say Paul F. Shore
  18. lpf

    Worst Episode?

    say it to my face
  19. lpf

    Worst Episode?

    Alison Rich ep was great the stuff about rocks being too hard not saying it was All-Time but she was very smooth
  20. lpf

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    it would be deep to get a "181" tattoo reminding you that theres always hope
  21. lpf

    Episode 479 - The Bunn Process

    wow, really looking forward to thinking about deciding to check out the guest list for this ep!
  22. lpf

    Worst Episode?

    yeah literally my two fav things too will u marry me
  23. lpf

    (other) Comedy Podcasts?

    My Brother, My Brother, and Me (ur best bet) Mike and Tom Eat Snacks Spontaneanation Special Guest w/ Lauren Lapkus Comedy Bing Bang Bean Bag Bane Boon Jordan Jesse Go Doughboys Of course the boys' original podcast The Reality Show Show on Howl HH is #1 remember all guest based podcasts will be garbage at times (except HH)