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  1. muttnik

    Episode 247.5: Prequel to Episode 248

    That was such a good episode; I'd love to hear more of Jason's thoughts on Fallout 4 and what paths he chose. This weekend I'm going to watch some no-commentary longplays of The Last of Us/Left Behind/Part II. They fall into the category of games I'd love to play but understand I am not great at playing.
  2. muttnik

    Episode 247.5: Prequel to Episode 248

    Yes! Please sign up if you're thinking about it/could use a few extra bucks! It's so important! I'm signed up for my state as a laptop operator and guys, it's the easiest job. And believe me, if someone with anxiety, ASD, and ADHD is telling you it's a breeze, it'll be like an ultra mega Geostorm breeze for ya. Do it!
  3. muttnik

    Mindhunters (2004)

    I love this dumb movie. Used to make cup noodles and watch it almost every afternoon when it premiered on Encore or Starz or whatever. I think they'd have fun with it.
  4. muttnik

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    I hated this movie, but I did wonder about Dylan's downstairs neighbor. Between the Olympic rings, glass partition smashing, and all manner of ranting and raving, that must have been rough stuff.
  5. muttnik

    The Wizard (1989)

    Man, the gamer stigma of the past is so weird to me, I'm retroactively bummed for your experience. Growing up, pretty much every kid played video games, and if they didn't have a home console they'd play at a friend's house who did. During downtime in class, Nintendo Power and other gaming mags were freely passed around. There was a waiting list to play Oregon Trail on the few computers our elementary school had. I don't recall any adults ever chiding us for playing games. My father enjoyed playing Zelda, and my mother enjoyed watching my brother and I play. She still brings up how funny it was listening to me play GTA III while she was on the computer. The only criticism I recall from them was not to waste money at the arcade on a game if they could buy it for our Nintendo. I could never get a perfect alignment during the matching mini-game in SMB3. Either the bottoms or the middles would always be off. I'm still bitter about it.
  6. muttnik

    The Wizard (1989)

    Love this dumb movie, hope it's covered sometime soon.
  7. muttnik

    Episode 246.5 - Prequel to Episode 247

    Also, American boardies and lurkers if you haven't already, please please please complete your census questionnaires. Please.
  8. muttnik

    Episode 246.5 - Prequel to Episode 247

    I'm so angry I watched this. Can't wait for Friday.
  9. muttnik

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    They definitely need a lot of individual and joint therapy and counseling, and even then with work put in, there's still the potential for feelings to fizzle out naturally. It doesn't look good.
  10. muttnik

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    Because he's an attractive white guy that's not Chip or a serial mangler, which is all Denny deserves I guess?
  11. muttnik

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    I assumed he either stole them or used the stolen American Express/checkbook to buy them.