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    Ganja & Hess

    I've watched every movie covered by Unspooled, and this is the only movie that I contemplated shutting off halfway through. There's some cool ideas and imagery, but holy shit was it slow and confusing. I appreciate when movies don't hold your hand, but this is the extreme other end.
  2. Kickboxing Academy is the perfect movie for How Did This Get Made. My friends and I used love watching this hilariously bad movie back in the day. It's filled with terrible acting, really bad jokes, and even worse "serious" dialogue. It stars Steven Bauer and Chyler Leigh. It's a about a group of kids in a Karate school who must win a karate tournament against a rival school in order to stay in business. Despite the title there is no instances of kickboxing in this movie. However, the most infamous aspect of this movie is two of the stars. Chyler Leigh and Christopher Khayman Lee. Who, despite the spelling difference, are real life brother and sister. In the movie Christopher is Chyler's love interest, and the real life brother and sister share a passionate kissing scene. It's truly unbelievable. I really hope this gets picked for the show. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119456/