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  1. groggy

    Real World Ex-Plosion

    haha totally, so stoked. do you all remember Puck? what a freak!
  2. groggy

    Eliminated, laminated, or lemonaded?

    they can also get lemondated, which is similar to carbon dating but is used to see how sour people are
  3. groggy

    Did Sean and Hayes ever apologize to Lionel?

    Yea, pssh hey forum you so dead you probably think this funeral is about you. yea i see dead people when i look in a mirror, the name's dead forum please to meet ya. knock knock, who's there? dead forum. dead forum who? no it's me, dead forum, from before. why don't you UniversalShove off to sea in a boat, get shipwrecked on an island and have exciting cast away adventure. and i got an incredibly tame joke for you, lion walks into a bar, orders a martini and has polite conversation with the patrons
  4. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never watched much reality shows because after a long day of selling canaries in the coal mine it's like, no more drama please! and so I put on old MacGyver reboots from my DVR and just chill. But this way Hayes and Sean are being smart AND funny is like nothing I ever experienced. I will devote my life to becoming a connoisseur of reality tv so that I might be insightful, worldly and wise just like these two swell wonderful guys
  5. clever bit of reverse psychology, you BOTH look very nice in the photos
  6. groggy

    Episode 2 — Jute Force

    yes there is something about these two nice boys, difficult to pin down, but it's as if they just might be on their way to becoming epic legend status comedy or something like this
  7. such a fun idea tho, podcasting. you all are really onto something here. seems like even maybe the type of thing that I myself could perhaps also be good at someday hope you had a good friday
  8. as I suspected, very good. I'll keep listening to these shows but it probably won't amount to much. still my mind is open, heart enlarged, soul receptive. but I mean it's just a podcast, what could possibly happen?
  9. hmm, this looks like an interesting podcast, I will give it a listen