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  1. I know I'm late bc the mini ep has already come out but I am compelled to note the thought that kept coming back to me while I listened. June kept saying there was no magic but also asking where the costumes came from, I say the magic is pulling the costumes out of thin air and the art is producing the right costume and mannerisms. As someone who grew up desperately wishing I was Sabrina the teenage witch, mainly for the ability to instantly change my outfit and appearance at any moment, the magic and art seem obvious to me.
  2. JoeyJams

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    Feel like they should have brought up the fact that Sandra Bullock also made this movie in the horror genre with Premonition. (Basing that really only on having seen trailers for both of these movies and listening to this podcast, I haven't actually seen either movie)