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    Episode 184 - Johnny Mnemonic: LIVE!

    One of the actors in this movie is, in real life, bomb proof. Udo Kier is a German born in 1944, and the hospital in which he was born was bombed moments after his birth. Here's part of an interview from dazeddigital.com (note the seamless transition from "fun" to "Imma get German as hell right now"): D&C: That sounds like a fun night. What was the most fun day of your life? Udo Kier: Fun? Well, I know the day I was born was the most important day, not because my mother gave life to me, but how dramatic the story was. I was one hour old and the nurse was collecting all the babies – the newborns – from their mothers and cleaning them. My mother said: ‘Could I hold him a little bit longer?’ and the nurse said yes. Then the wall of the hospital collapsed over her – the building had been bombed. My mother was lucky because her bed was in a corner, so it was architecturally protected. She held me with one arm and with the other she made a hole in the rubble until they freed her, with me. I was two hours old. That is how I was born. http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/11559/1/20-qas-udo-kier
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    Episode 172 - The Last Dragon: LIVE!

    Here's an even older tribute from 2009. Anyone who finds a geocities site, or the Space Jam equivalent, I owe you a single piece of popcorn served to you via chopsticks. Shut up I found it. All three sites were created by the same person. I'm not interested in meeting him, but I would like for HDTGM to ask him some questions. Here's the "official site" which is apparently "hosted" by Taimak himself. Here's his intro to the site (I'm gonna leave the original formatting because I think what the formatting is trying to convey is "fuck you", just like all 90s website designs). Hey ladies! Apparently at one point in time he was not married! Greetings everyone!! I'm very happy you've come to visit The Official Last Dragon website. The Last Dragon has changed my life and continues to even today over fifteen years later.. No, I'm not married yet and don't have kids, but I'm continuing to perfect my acting and martial arts talent every day.. I have had a hiatus from the entertainment world, but I'm now living in Los Angeles and plan to get on the big screen again. In some exciting recent news, I have been working hard on getting a sequel to The Last Dragon made and have a script nearly completed. More news as it happens may be found at my website. Thanks for visiting Fast-Rewind and please tell all your friends! Always Glowing, Taimak a.k.a. "Bruce Leeroy" Okay I keep editing this comment because there's so much great stuff to share from this "official" website, which I firmly believe has a 50% chance of being the actual official site. More quotes from the cast bios. Sho-Nuff is 6'15", so he's actually 7'3": Julius J. Carry III plays Sho-nuff, the "Shogun of Harlem" . Born in Chicaqo in 1952, he is 6'15" tall and weighed 200 pounds at the time of filming. Taimak definitely wrote his own bio. Taimak, who was nineteen years old, was chosen because, in addition to his expertise in karate, he could read lines, take direction, look good, move well and because he had personal qualities that the producers and director found attractive, namely "a wonderful attitude." The attitude shows on the screen, say those close to the production; in fact, radiates from a personality that the producers felt was born for motion pictures. Taimak wants to bone Vanity irl, because he definitely wrote all these bios. Described in Louis Venosta's screenplay, Laura Charles is "a gorgeously sexy beauty with a sultry ocean breeze for a voice and a drop dead presence on stage, a fresh, lovely young woman." These words were not written explicitly with Vanity in mind but very well could have been!
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    Episode 172 - The Last Dragon: LIVE!

    This tribute to The Last Dragon was created in 2011. There's an instagram.
  4. Dianainaflyingsaucer

    BMX Bandits (1983)

    Holy shit wait why have they not done this movie?! Nicole Kidman riding a Bmx while she seduces two boys at the same time, to the tune of a song that includes the line "my body's changing, but I'm still dancing"!!!!! Then she (who has barely hit puberty) like basically implies having a threesome with those boys! Thank you for enlightening my life with this movie drfancypants.
  5. Dianainaflyingsaucer

    BMX Bandits (1983)

    Yes! I wish Mitchell and Webb were responsible for this movie...
  6. Dianainaflyingsaucer

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    You just might be on to something there.
  7. Dianainaflyingsaucer

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    I have yet to see a time travel movie that addresses this problem: the earth moves. For example, I stick a letter in the mailbox. If the letter only traveled through time and not space, it would end up somewhere in empty space but not on earth and certainly not in the same mailbox two years later. It would be impossible to appear in the same point on the surface of earth because here's what we're up against: 1) earth's rotation and tilt shift 2) earth's revolution around the sun 3) the solar system's orbit around the center of gravity in the Milky Way galaxy 4) all the other shit we are a part of that are all moving in the universe 5) the eternal expansion of spacetime Here's a way to resolve it (if we just assume that earth rotates and revolves on a fixed orbital path): Kate puts letter in mailbox. The flag doesn't move until the earth actually returns to that position in Alex's timeline. This could not happen on the same date of both years because our calendar system doesn't align exactly with the earth's movement. Leap years would be the most obvious example of this. Of course, the fact that the mailbox is connected to the earth makes it a little easier to believe that it can transport objects through time to end up in the same point on earth than say, the delorian, which has no reason to end up on planet earth after it time travels. Doc never enters spatial coordinates! In conclusion, please make a time travel movie where Keanu Reeves invents a time machine and ends up in outer space, where he promptly dies.