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    Episode 186 - Geostorm: LIVE!

    Omission: With regard to Geostorm, there were, in fact, multiple taglines used to market the film. One in particular, "Brave the Storm," was pulled when Warner Bros. decided it wasn't worth rubbing people's faces in the no longer unimaginable extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. Instead, it seems they just dusted off an unused tagline from a different Gerard Butler acting masterclass, Chasing Mavericks, "Surf's Up... WAY Up."
  2. TomTheMovieTalker

    Episode 99 - Sign o' the Times vs. Stop Making Sense

    Man, I thought I sounded condescending when I talk about movies... Stop Making Sense is the obvious choice for the Canon. And, if I may, Armond White can take his unintellectual, jaded dismissals of La La Land and go back to making National Review pseudo-intellectual "cuck-servatives" feel like they can somehow access modern cinema without a modern paradigm. Keep at it Amy! I know you'll have better episodes in the future! Maybe there need to be some consensus bonafide masterpieces put in, or a director face-off? Can't wait to see what you bring to the table on this re-embarkment!