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  1. DMC

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    I just wanted to add I am still thinking of "Mrs. Batman" and it getting no response at all and laughing out loud, hours later. I ain't even joking, I thought they were hitting home runs still, and to hit dingers in normal HH style and get no response at all is so so funny. And then I think of a Mrs. Batman TV show starring Kate Mulgrew and I love the idea! It could even have ratings problems and they keep changing the title until it has nothing to do with Batman.
  2. DMC

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Holy crap this is funny, too many laugh out loud moments. Now they know they can sell out any room anywhere at least!
  3. And speaking of basketball cuz I brought it up earlier, I really like the old SXSW episode they did where they make fun of college basketeering. It was a lotta the same arguments I make to people who think college ball is better (since everyone sucking except 5 dudes is great basketyball), and I felt validated for the first time ever. IT'S FOR FETISHISTS WHO LOVE WHITE STIFFS BOXING OUT BUT FAILING AT EVERYTHING ELSE!
  4. See I knew he was the worst!! CONFIRMED! And now he'll get a ring this year, joining such esteemed company as Adam Morrison and Antoine Walker.
  5. Why didn't anyone talk to Bosch??? This is the best podcast, and while I wouldn't ever call into anything, I can have a imaginary phone call where I killed it and didn't shit the bed with mumbles and not being able to hear them with my cell phone reception and then Cody gets a good burn in on me. I'm in Portland, is everyone from Oregon here or something? Or around 80% are in the NW? Did anyone call Sean out HARD for mispronouncing "Willamette" the other week? I would do it but I don't do that, that'd be annoying. I lived in LA for the past 8 or 9 years, and I even remember their LA Weekly story years ago, but I figured how good can the podcast be, they got Nick Young on the cover and he's the worst. Maybe Nick Young is actually good, LA Weekly was right to showcase 'em! And Betsy Sodaro!
  6. Ohhh yeah, you should be set then! And at least Kanter can be relied upon to score efficiently, grab rebounds, and IT will likely get an efficiency boost by playing next to Lebron since IT won't be relied upon to create as much offense as he had to do for the Celtics. Even if his overall scoring and assists aren't too high, he'll still produce at least enough to be a nice boost and maybe even get up to speed by the time your fantasy playoffs come around. HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOOOOOK!
  7. _I_ would do the deal, depending on what the rest of your roster is like, but ya need assists and Kanter will likely be out again with another injury. Kanter is efficient though, and fantasy doesn't care about defense so his suckage issues there won't hurt ya. Will 1.3 threes and 1.6 steals a game help ya? He gets 3.1 turnovers, but I always punt on TOs when I do NBA fantasy since all the best players get a lotta TOs. You'll lose some raw FG% though, so be sure not to overlook that...! Checking Kanter's stats, it's crazy that he's only getting to the line 2 times a game considering his playstyle. As the Knicks try to make the playoffs, I think his bad defense and awkward fit with Porzy will cut even further into his minutes (only playing 25 a night), but he's at least producing in his role. If he gets detained in Turkey for speaking out against the corrupt Turkish leaders, you'll wish ya did the trade!!! EDIT: I typo'd.
  8. When you guys play the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, be sure to tell the crowd "it's great to be here at THE ROSE GARDEN" so that everyone cheers and immediately accepts you as Portland's own (the original name of the arena before Moda paid like 20 bucks to rename it and then went bankrupt I think).
  9. God damn, so many laugh out loud moments so far and I'm only up to the Santa ad. THEY DID IT AGAIN!
  10. I hope they're not surprised when they're Misery'd and forced to do more episodes.
  11. I wish the Sean and Hayes (the REAL boys) knew that their podcast kicks the Doughboys (fake boys) teeth in!!
  12. Don't they know we all already used our free month to listen to all of the Masterclass episodes?? Them boys trolled us hard, dude!
  13. I can't wait for them to start Vancouver Handbook!!
  14. I haven't listened to the episode yet, but when I do I'mma gonna laugh because I bet it'll be funny!
  15. The 184th good episode in a row!