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  1. MatttheHuman

    Extreme Ops (2002)

    It does kind of seem like someone doesn't want The Extreme Team to be seen. Even the classic 'other means' of getting a movie only yields trailers. Makes me wonder how bad it could possibly be. In any case, I'd love to see Extreme Ops in a live show pairing with Gleaming the Cube.
  2. MatttheHuman

    Jem and The Holograms (2015)

    Does she save the president in a racecar in the show? Maybe I'll check that out. I'm not sure I've ever seen an episode of the cartoon. I actually didn't hate this film, it just went on WAY too long for what it was. It isn't on the level of a From Justin to Kelly - type movie.
  3. MatttheHuman

    Jem and The Holograms (2015)

    The real crime is how insanely boring it was.
  4. MatttheHuman

    Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

    The fact that they didn't do Dragonheart makes me wish they'd do this one. It's really one of the most oddly enjoyable terrible fantasy films in existence.
  5. MatttheHuman

    Extreme Ops (2002)

    From IMDb: "A film crew travels to the Austrian Alps near the (former) Yugoslav border to film three extreme sports enthusiasts being chased down by an avalanche for a commercial. What they don't know, however, is that they're filming near the secret hideout of Slobodan Pavle, a Serbian war criminal. Accidentally catching him on film, they become locked in a life-or-death chase for their lives through the mountains that includes skiing, snowboarding, sky diving, white water rafting, helicopters, motorcycles and base jumping." Written by Schleppy Some details: -Cast includes Rufus Sewell, Rupert Graves, and Bridgette Wilson (Sonya from Mortal Kombat) -According to Wikipedia, it was originally called "The Extremists," but that changed after 9/11. -It currently holds an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. -Made for $40,000,000, made only a quarter of its budget back. -One of the writers, Timothy Scott Bogart, also wrote/produced a movie called The Extreme Team in 2003 (Chris Pratt is in it). It uses almost identical posters. The trailer can be found here: Basically, imagine if the xXx movies (or Die Another Day) were created as one big product placement. Now take that movie and make the dialogue even dumber. This is one of those movies that doesn't know who the main character is, so everyone has a subplot, even if it's small, and they are only connected to the larger terrorism story in the loosest of ways. I remember asking my father to see this with me at the dollar theater because a guy who ran a Star Wars fan page I liked was a compositing artist on some of the avalanche sequences. It was the only time I tried to get my money back from a theater (spoilers: they gave me my dollar back!). Anyway, this one even has a few moderately humorous 5 star reviews on Amazon. Has anyone else seen it?