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    White Comanche (1968)

    William Shatner stars in this Spaghetti Western as both a cowboy and his own twin brother, a Peyote-smoking leader of the Comanche tribe. Is it wildly racist even accounting for the year 1968? Oh yes. It is an absolutely terrible โ€” but really fun to watch โ€” film with Shatner over-acting as both cowboy and Native American while wearing *incredibly tight* pants. The plot is essentially that Johnny Moon (what a name!) is tired of getting a bad rap and being run out of towns because of his brother Notah's murdering and stage coach robbing. The movie's tagline: "Brothers by birth... Enemies... to the death!" Does Notah rob a stage coach and maybe assault a woman off-screen, who later falls in love with Johnny Moon? Obviously. Does the movie include a number of absolutely insane and racist lines? Oh yes, yes it does. (At one point the sheriff says to Johnny Moon: "For someone who's trying to live like a white man, you're sure turning out to be one hell of a Comanche!"). Do they have an epic battle engaging an entire town in a ridiculous fire fight that makes no sense? Absolutely. I saw this movie this week at my local bar's bad movie night. Here's how they described it: "Notah, a peyote-fueled madman convinced he's a messiah sent to lead the Comanche nation against the white man, and Johnny Moon, Notah's estranged cowboy brother, who intends to stop Notah, by wordsโ€”or by bullets." I'm stunned that it hasn't been a HDTGM movie yet. I can't seem to find a trailer, but the entire movie is available for free online. Also just check out the art for this film: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BYmU5YmY4N2ItN2NiYy00ZTlkLTg1NjktNDcwOWJkOWJlY2UxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjgzNDU2ODI@._V1_.jpg
  2. HanSeoulForever

    Episode 161 - The Fate of the Furious

    Omission: I feel like not enough attention was paid to the crazy fact that they're suddenly in New York at the end of Fate of the Furious. Even when The Team (caps necessary) has gone to other countries and cities, LA has always been their home. The city is so key that it was their "secret weapon" in Furious 7, when they used the streets they knew to somehow outrun a helicopter equipped with targeted missles. But also who owns this New York townhouse? Hobbs clearly has a steady home life in LA with his daughter and coaching soccer, Dom & Letty have been in Cuba (buying cars?), maybe it's Roman's pad? But he seems like the type to brag. It makes zero sense. Yes, the house blew up. But they obviously all have a lot of cash and now they've befriended the British terrorist who blew up their home. And it's likely Brian and Mia are still there, so why abandon them, part of the Family, for NYC? After 7 movies of making a huge deal out of it, why leave? The other question is whether they're done with LA for good. And there's some evidence to suggest they have: Corona. It's been a staple of the franchise since Dom told Brian he could have any beer he wanted in the original film - as long as it was Corona. But it's absent from F8, in which they drink Bud Light (?!) on the roof at the end. In 6, Corona is nearly absent as well. The Team drinks some other types of beer throughout the film, while they're prohibited from returning to the US. But as soon as they complete their mission and are granted pardons to return home, it's Coronas all around. In F8 there's no reason that they can't go back to LA, so is the absence of Corona a signal they're done with their home? Also, side note: In Furious 7 when Letty visits her own grave (still hilarious/amazing), Dom tells her he won't give up on her because "you never turn your back on family." I was really hoping she'd say that to Dom when he was working with Charlize in this film. Missed opportunity.