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  1. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    I'm voting yes because Marvel's The Avengers because I love all the Marvel films, Joss Whedon, and the cultural impact. I'm not sure if we ever will get another Marvel superhero film on the Canon so I must vote yes! I wouldn't have got further into comics without The Avengers and other Marvel films. A lot of the movies and televisions shows that I am a fan of wouldn't exist without Marvel films. Sure this is not an Oscar-worthy film or very intellectual, but there are plenty of movies in the canon that don't fit that criterion either.
  2. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 145 - The Lost Boys (w/ Dallas Sonnier)

    I voted no on Lost Boys because the film was neither culturally relevant (to me), something I want to see multiple times (I admit to looking at other things at specific points of the film out of boredom) or insightful. I think that I might love the film like Dallas if I saw the movie as a kid/teenager or if it affected my taste in media. The piece of media that really shaped my love of televisions shows and movies was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though funny enough the vampire faces in Lost Boy was similar to the television show that turned me into a Pop Culture Geek. I think the film is at times a fun watch, but its a hard no for me.
  3. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 139 - The NeverEnding Story (w/ Dave Nadelberg)

    I have to vote no because I believe for a film to be worthy for the canon you have to be able to see it multiple times and see new insightful things or at the very least it has to be something that you enjoy or at least admires every time you watch it. The Neverending Story doesn't do that for me because I adored it as a child and I can't stand it now. I wanted to be a female version of Bastian as a kid because I was always reading books and wanted to dive into there worlds. Also, Falkor waked my life of dragons. When I watched The Neverending Story as an adult, I thought the acting, story, and special effects were horrible. I could have forgiven the special effects if I thought the story or/and acting was fantastic, but I did not. I wished that I had not re-watched the film because as an imaginative person I had always kept a fond place for Falkor and Bastian in my heart and now that's ruined. I would vote for this film to be in the childhood film canon, but I can't for the overall film canon. Now if you put up Princess Bride or Spirted Away or Sound of Music I could vote for those to be in the canon.
  4. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    I'm feeling pretty split between Get Out and The Flordia Project because I think their both brilliant. Though I have to go to Get Out because it echoes the constant tension that the whole country has felt throughout 2017 (I have to give credit to my Mom for this idea). Along with the fact it's a brilliant first film that makes me laugh, think, cringe, and cry. I could see both films multiple times and get different things out of them every time, so I still feel very conflicted.
  5. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 134 - Love Actually (w/ Michael H. Weber)

    I'm voting no for Love Actually because I have seen the film multiple times and I can't remember the plot.
  6. I vote yes for His Girl Friday because I love the fast-paced banter and Hildy is so bad ass. Grant, you the film is sexist and problematic, but its one of my favorite movies of all time. I can find faults in His Girl Friday and still think its canon-worthy.
  7. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    I initially watched The Room as a Film & Digita Media undergrad student during a Comedy genre class. That screening is the funniest one I have ever had as both an Undergrad and Graduate student. We all threw spoons at the screen and repeated lines together. All the rituals that people do when watching The Room in the movie theatres. Seeing The Room is the perfect example of experience Rabelais' Carnivalesque in the modern era. I'm voting yes for that community experience alone.
  8. Buffyfan1992

    Episode 129 - Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (w/ Brett Morgen)

    I vote yes! Errol Morris is my favorite documentarian. I would truthfully vote in most of his films into the canon. My favorite is Thin Blue Line, but I really enjoy Fast, Cheap and Out of Control. I think that was the second Errol Morris documentary I saw.