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  1. The biggest of NO votes for 'Juno'. I've seen this film numerous times, both when it came out and recently, and it truly does not age well. And while the directing and most of the acting is well done, and the story, in general, is decent, the dialogue is absolute garbage. Diablo Cody tries so hard to create her own language, and it comes off very aggressive. It's as if after the success of 'Napoleon Dynamite', she based a script around trying to create her own language and catch phrases in the same way that it did. Because of this, the film comes off extremely obnoxious. And I disagree with the panel when they say that this dialogue disappears after the first act. It's throughout the entire film, which made this most recent viewing unbearable. To be fair, neither film is worthy of being in the canon, and my vote was a vote against 'Juno', as opposed to a vote for 'Whiplash'.