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    Episode 163 - The Running Man

    So, the movie completely butchers the story and does not do it justice. Main character is a poor, run down man with a sick family; his wife has to become a prostitute at times to pay for food and cheap street drugs for sick daughter. "Arnold" goes to the Network, where they have dozens of shows for desperate citizens looking to make money. He is found to be a perfect candidate for the best and most deadly show, the running man. (By the way, in the book he is average sized/thin. No where close to Mr. Olympia) He has to stay alive for as long as possible without being caught by the Hunters, who use surveillance and spying and real people similar to the TV show "Hunted". He ends up befriending a poor family, where he learns that the government has run the human race into the ground with pollution. Almost everyone contracts cancer unless you have an expensive breathing apparatus that is not sold to the citizens. After learning his wife has been killed (question is up to you to decide if she was truly murdered by an angry John while she prostituted or if the government had her killed), "Arnold" crashed his plane into their headquarters. Had themes very similar to 1984 meets Hunger Games meets an environmental documentary while on the tv show Hunted.
  2. Brand new to the forums, but definitely part of the binging group. I binged all 400+ episodes of Comedy Bang Bang in a few months, and now I am working on HDTGM. I'm up to episode 117 after a few weeks and have to admit, sometimes when I fall asleep at night, I hear Paul and Jason bantering back and forth. Am I going insane? I'm hoping I don't wake up to Gooby at the foot of my bed one day.