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  2. I think the hosts both had a fundamental misunderstanding of FIELD OF DREAMS. They mentioned they had a problem with the fact that James Earl Jones' character, Terrance Mann, was opining for a time when black players were not allowed to play in the Major League. However the movie makes it clear that he grew up a Brooklyn Dodger fan and was crushed when they moved away - which happened in 1957. Meanwhile Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier in 1947. Mann was longing for a time back when America was still in its innocence, during his youth and up until the Vietnam War era, not simply the 1920's, which he most likely wasn't even alive for. He described baseball as the cultural touchstone that remained throughout the eras and still was around in 1989, making it not only a national pass-time, but also a way for men of different generations to bond. Basically he was summing up the theme of the movie in one little package.