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    Episode 199 - Scott Aukerman, Our 199th Episode Guest

    Hi, Paul, you seem to be an important person at Earwolf. Any idea how I can get my original account back? This is JeffreyParties btw
  2. JerryParties


    Hi, Sean, I know my name may look unfamiliar, but that's because my previous account, named JEFFREYPARTIES, was lost to the internet. I hope you have a good birthday, and I'm glad that we've been able to form this deep bond. As proof that it is me, JEFFREYPARTIES, I attached this picture. Thank you, JeffreyParties Ps. Happy birthday
  3. JerryParties

    Episode 186 - New Card Business, Our Close Friend

    I like that post about Dexter. Dexter was fuckin nuts! Guy murders while also helping coppos catch murderers. Classic dramatic irony because we the audience know Dexter murders but the coppos don't. 3.5/4
  4. JerryParties

    Episode 186 - New Card Business, Our Close Friend

    Good to see cards being used for good and not for some nefarious purpose like being against humanity
  5. JerryParties

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    Damn, that's an impressive poster! Are you like the Photoshop guy around here? This place is very cool! Excited to get to know you guys!