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    Episode 207 - DC Pierson, Our Saturday Night Friend

    Hayesโ€™ WC Fields math joke prize is the smartest comedy I have heard all year and everyone just blew right past it. Kevin killed that audition; hope theres room for one more creep at 30 Rock.
  2. HoodlumDoodlum

    Episode 197 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    Those two Anglo Saxon dudes really put the Jew in the corner on this one.
  3. HoodlumDoodlum

    Episode 163 - The Running Man

    When Jason and Paul talked about how Maria identified the burned up corpses of thr previous "winners" I shouted "recognizable ashes!!"
  4. HoodlumDoodlum

    Episode 162 - My Stepmother Is An Alien: LIVE!

    One of the best episodes in a while--Paul inadvertently taking over the creepy Jason role was hilarious and June was both on point and had terrific misunderstanding-annoyance moments in classic June fashion. Not quite good enough for an official Corrections & Omission submission, but Whitney's comment that this movie wouldn't work today because of all the hybrid cars (since the Basingalien consumes car batteries) is almost exactly backwards--hybrid and electric cars have more batteries than internal combustion-only cars. *Buffalo Bill voice* Would you put me in a bra? I'd put me in a bra!