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  1. Nerd cards revoked from DAVID and AMY! For an epic series that gets picked to shreds by Feminist critics (rightly so, there's maybe a half dozen female characters and that's including Shelob) it pains me to hear no one stick up for the one goosebumpseverytime moment from the third movie: Eowyn's battle with the Witch King Angmar. This moment of a woman kicking ass COMES DIRECTLY FROM TOLKIEN! Examine your cynical heart AMY, turns out JRR was a brilliant complicated guy capable of brilliant complicated writing. Sure the dialogue was punched up, but the action is directly from the book. Why is it so laughable that Tolkien, Boyens, Jackson, or Walsh would reference Macbeth in the final encounter with the WITCH KING? Obviously Joanna, whose Feminerd cred is undeniable, went mum in support of her film. Another unfortunate causality of the VS. format...would have appreciated her spirited defense of the scene.