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    Episode 179 - Second Sight: LIVE!

    I would be totes into an alien side story... but I think that's the giant manhole from the cold open. I could get there.
  2. Yes! She's a Pick-A-Little!
  3. Ignore the woman behind this post.
  4. Can we talk for a second about the "If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention." OK... Why are they reciting this? For what purpose? This is music class, but she isn't having them sing it... so when Bobo Kelly Clarkson says "Hey, can we waken this up a little?" Whoopi is BOWLED OVER. "WAIT WAIT... WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?" Did she not see them singing and rapping on their own at least 2 other times?? I did! Also - Real teenagers would do EXACTLY NONE OF THESE THINGS. Even in the 90's. Real teens would do the pranks and maybe even play some music on a boom box (that's what the kids use, right?) but otherwise would sit and roll their eyes through 99% of this whole experince. The whole rap battle thing feels SO disingenuous to me. I could be wrong though...I did go to highschool in the 90s, but I did not go to a inner city school.
  5. THIS SCENE IS BANANAS. It's right after Whoopi finds out that they are going to be closing the school and then has a scene where she tells the other nuns. Out of nowhere, Father Maurice's concern is Sister Mary Clarence being disruptive? That's what he's anxious about?? He says to Mother Superior "My mind is CONSUMED with trying to deal with..." "Sister Mary Clarence?". Then they proceed to say her name no less than 5 more times "Tell me about YOUR experience with Sister Mary Clarence?" What the fuck? GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME FATHER. It reminds me of Homer's demands about Poochie the dog - "whenever Poochie's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Poochie?' Did anyone else think it was a waste and/or ironic that her mother was played by legendary broadway actress Sheryl Lee Ralph She's the Dreamgirl in the middle.
  6. OK so the roster is: Sister Mary Clarence AND Sister Mary Lazarus - Music Sister Mary Patrick - Sex Ed Father Ignacious (Mr. Noodle) - Math Bobo Billy Bob Thorton - Latin Father Maurice - Principal Sister Mary Robert - ? Mother Superior - ? Father Wolfgang - (Not even sure who he was) No wonder this place is TOTALLY getting shut down.
  7. Aw man... a full semester of sex ed from a nun in catholic school. How many classes can they play the Every Sperm is Sacred video? It's the Screech effect.
  8. Since it's after Christmas, I hope everyone recognizes Mary Wickes (Sister Mary Lazarus) from a seasonal favorite...
  9. Was it on the fly? I mean... they were backed by a recorded hip hop version of Ode to Joy. When they were like “oh no ... this stuffy ass ultra traditional choir is doing our song” I wondered why the hell they were worried... and if they hadn’t planned on a doing an urban/street version in the first place then they were sorely mistaken about their own strength as a choir.
  10. PollyDarton

    Episode 178.5 - Minisode 178.5

    I was working on a stage production of The Crucible when the VVitch came out. The VVitch is an interesting companion piece to The Crucible especially when the more recent productions have been slightly ambiguous with the witchcraft in the story (which, if you ask me defeats the whole purpose of the play.) Anyhoo... I had a hard time with The VVitch because I have a kid, but it is legit frightening and stunningly detailed.
  11. PollyDarton

    Episode 178.5 - Minisode 178.5

    Agreed. The situation in Get Out is definitely horror, but it's more like an episode of the Twilight Zone since there is almost no gore. It is a fucked up spin on the Stepford Wives. In this vein I also want to recommend It Follows on Netflix if you've never seen it. There's not really any gore and it's so well done. The movie is set in some sort of alternative timeline where it's the 80's but people have modern technology and the premise is spooky as hell.
  12. PollyDarton

    Episode 178.5 - Minisode 178.5

    Get Out was amazing. I sure did talk to a lot of people about the Room/The Disaster Artist... I felt like an ambassador of Pop Culture. "Sometimes movies are so bad that they're good!" I guess the one I watched and thought about a lot was "Whitney: Can I be me"... the documentary about Whitney Houston's life and final tour. I am such a sucker for rockumentaries and that one is really well done. I have talked to exactly 0 people who have seen it. I also was very moved by Natalie Portman's performance in Jackie. Which I know was from 2016, but I saw it sometime this year... brutal storytelling.
  13. Since things are quieting down for this board I just want to add how oddly relevant I found this movie to be. The threat of Nuclear war, a distrust of Russia, tabloid journalism wreaking havoc over newspapers that can no longer make any money selling their brand, nepotism of the wealthy and their unqualified children, and of course Billionaire's that should be in prison hanging out in tacky rooms of gold... It's all just very current.
  14. All right guys - it may be the old eggnog talking, but I've been thinking and it seems to me that Superman has some stuff in common with another nice guy in red: I'll start... they both know all the languages of the world. Superman speaks a few languages in SIV and SC... https://youtu.be/ibDD8Y3IJrg?t=20
  15. I was compelled by a conversation to make this for you guys.
  16. The Clark/Superman double date is amazing. It's such a familiar 80's trope... especially in sitcoms. It's like a warm cup of cocoa. I was trying to remember some examples where shows/movies have done this and my first thought was this... Warning, it's not a Susanne Somers, but it is a Mr. Furley. (It should start where all the switcheroos start getting fun.) https://youtu.be/zggVMheLsf8?t=872 There is also an episode of 30 rock where LL does this to Kenneth I think.
  17. I had this thought too! That guy is made from the yellow sun of earth... which is what makes Superman ... um super. So wouldn't his proximity to "Nukes" make him extra super?
  18. PollyDarton

    Musical Mondays Week 27 Baby Driver

    I think Anne just became a national punching bag for awhile, which we do with celebs all the time... Anne just seemed to have her moment around Les Mis. The larger theme is that she's too perfect? This is not hard hitting journalism or anything, but it does show that people just want to hate her. https://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/why-do-people-hate-anne-hathaway?utm_term=.rbv0vaQQyx#.ueBP2JzzG7
  19. PollyDarton

    Musical Mondays Week 27 Baby Driver

    I loved this so much and also didn't know much about it. Great Job Max! The way they used the music was really fucking cool. In some ways it was like a very purposeful and modern version of the Dark Side Of The Rainbow. I love how the music goes from diegetic to non diegetic seamlessly and at some point you realize that any music you hear is just what is playing in Baby's headphones. He seems to be able to shape his own reality with his music... or at least the way he perceives it. Did this movie make anyone else want to watch this movie? And also - Is it wrong that it kept making me think of Dirty Dancing? Yes? It is wrong? Agreed.
  20. PollyDarton

    Episode 177.5 - Minisode 177.5

    Also a little obscure movie... maybe 1 or 2 of you have seen it...
  21. I have nothing productive to add, except I would like to nominate this as the best gif on the interwebs.
  22. I signed up for an account. I'm not sure what the hell I am doing, but I will see if I can make it work.
  23. Oh... yes I did not know! I’ll see what I can do.
  24. I'll be home making my spicy bad ass Chex Mix. I wanted to go see The Disaster Artist, but I couldn't get a babysitter, so Deck the Halls sounds fun.
  25. PollyDarton

    Musical Mondays Week 26 The Muppet Movie

    Besides O.F.O.W... any favorite cameos? I think mine was Cloris Leachman... Looking GOOD!