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    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    Omission: In reference to Arno's file on "The Every Move of the Hottie", as Jason pointed out, he also references a website that tracks Cristobel's life. Besides the abysmal quality of this shit film, I have to wonder how Paris Hilton feels about this movie and that exact moment because of this: In late 2008 (after the release of The Hottie & The Nottie), a group of Los Angeles teens (affectionately known as The Bling Ring) robbed Paris Hilton's multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. The group was notably obsessed with famous people and chose Paris Hilton as their first robbery because they figured she was dumb. They got into Hilton's mansion by finding a key under the welcome mat and then had a duplicate made and robbed her home several more times. At first the group only took small mementos: some shoes or fashion jewelry, but by the end were tearing apart Hilton's belongings and stealing her personal nude photos. It took Hilton several months to even realize she had been robbed. And how did these crafty genius's figure out when would be a good time to rob Paris Hilton? That's right... you guessed it, by tracking her every move through her website (and possibly her MySpace since it was 2008 after all.) They easily found out when she would be out of town, found out her address through one of those "maps to the stars" type of website, and seized the opportunity. They also robbed a bunch of other celebs, but Paris seemed to be their biggest obsession. The true sadness is that this movie in conjunction with the Bling Ring robbery could very much be considered the end of Paris Hilton's career as an entertainment brand name. Sofia Coppola made a movie about it based off a very well researched book by Nancy Jo Sales.
  2. This made me giggle in both of her scenes. The last time we saw her she was in a fairly decorated room. It's an interesting choice to have that and never talk about it.
  3. I was in way over my head anyways, Cam. Thanks for the rest of the pertinent info.
  4. They were This was going to be my next comment. I thought the same thing.
  5. So... A commercial flight from Moscow to Apia (the capital of Somoa) is, at the fastest, 36 hours. It has 2 stops. Kevin Hart says they chartered a flight, which could mean less stops, although I imagine they may have had to stop to refuel? Best possible scenario... 24 hours?
  6. @taylorannephoto @Elektra Boogaloo @tomspanks - The KVD liner is just so very annoyingly good. It's like... it's greatness is perfectly disproportionate to her garbage-person-ness. Keep me updated if anyone finds a viable competitor. They sort of touched on this in the podcast but Vanessa Kirby's wardrobe (and H&S for that matter) really uses some Bugs Bunny rules. She's in the brown wig when she first meets Hobbs, but her blonde beach waves are perfect in the next scene. Then she has the short brown wig for the airport, but it's gone again once they are on the plane. Just so everyone knows... This is a proper wig prep. Without it, your actual hair will likely be very visibly or your wig will be enormous and obvious. I might be able to give a pass to the huge brown bob at the airport, but the dark brown updo would require some version of above to be believable.
  7. I thought the exact same thing the moment I heard the rhythm of the voice.
  8. Fully Team Sanity. Fully Team mom is a monster.
  9. But see... You have to build an entire event to happen off screen to explain away things that are implicitly shown in the movie. When the little girl talks about Drop Dead Fred, we as the audience SEE Drop Dead Fred. He is there abiding by the few rules the movie gave him, that the child he is attached to is the only one who can see him. That coupled with the information that the other IFs have moved on to new kids (those kids in the waiting room weren't all 30 years old) it is laid out plain and simple. Fred got a new kid because he exists. Yes, I am aware that imaginary friends don't actually exist, but in the universe of this movie they do. If those two scenes did not exist then I might be able to agree with you, but they do. We of Team Sanity did not conjure them up... the shitty shitty filmmakers put them in.
  10. Absolutely not. The mom is a monster. She says terrible things like "I don't think I love you as much as I used to." I am capable of saying she is a monster and also that I feel for her when Lizzie and Fred destroy the dining room. I'm not one who gives a shit about fine china and white carpets, but anyone who has to actually clean that mess has my sympathy.
  11. The Letter: Ok guys - When Lizzie and her mom return from Lizzie's makeover they find a "letter from Charlie" under the door. It's dripping with romance and Lizzie runs off to find Charlie. If you're team Fred, then you are honestly saying that Lizzie wrote herself this letter, planted it as though Fred wrote it, acted as if you never saw it before, deeply believed it was a genuine article (to the point where she showed it to Carrie Fischer)... then the only conclusion from this alone is that Lizzie is completely insane. This isn't the action of someone working out their childhood problems, this is a deep break from reality. The only other explanation is that Fred, in this universe, is a real entity.
  12. Well... she interacts with Lizzie's mom during one of the first scenes in the movie. Janie says " she just needs a cuddle" or something. The mom acknowledges her and responds. Murray is clearly in the houseboat waiting to sex-up Janie as well and Murray talks to Janie as they leave for work in the morning about Lizzie... and Lizzie is not present. Also - everyone looks at Janie during her "strangling Fred" moment in the hallway. The entire room comes to the window and Murray personally comes out to ask what the hell Janie is doing. Just like Fred. Janie is real.
  13. I can agree with June on one thing: Rik Mayall. I get it, I think he is a sexy MFer. I'm almost the same age as June and I saw this as a kid, but in my mind Fred was played by Yahoo Serious and not Rik Mayall. Seeing this as a grown woman I can see how he's pretty darn sexy. He's also... cleaner... than I remembered? His hair is wild and his clothes are acid green, but he's actually fairly well put together. So yeah... I get it.
  14. It's simply absurd and obtuse to say that Lizzie is actually laying on her back looking up the skirts of her mom and Annabella. I might... maybe... MAYBE believe she is imagining Fred doing that, but to say that she is actually LITERALLY lying on her back looking up skirts is a serious stretch.
  15. I'm mostly team Sanity with a few differing opinions. I have a lot to say so I'll just start at the top: Fred is real. The only way for the movie to make sense is for Fred to be a separate entity unto himself. It is a nice thought that he is a "Tyler Durden" but he can't be because of the two scenes mentioned (the group of other IFs and the final scene.) The writers may have intended him to be a manifestation of her id, but they failed and/or abandoned that premise and instead created a universe where imaginary friends indeed exist. This is NOT an interpretation. This is what the crappy filmmakers gave us. There are several places where Fred would have to actually exist, but one that comes to mind is when they are at the psychiatrists office the other IFs tell Fred that if Lizzie takes the green pills that it will kill him. Fred independently learns this information. Yes, we overhear the doctor tell Lizzie's mom (and clearly see Lizzie not hearing or being a part of this conversation) that the pills will help her, but we don't get the information that the pills will specifically make Fred disappear. Fred gets this information outside of Lizzie... Lizzie who was not even in the room when he has this conversation. Fred is sentient. It should also be pointed out that Fred recognizes Go To Hell Herman, Namby Pamby etc, even though he's been trapped in a box for 21 years. All the children in that waiting room are under 6 meaning that YES INDEED these Imaginary Friends exist and move on to new kids when their assigned kids grow too old. There is no other way Fred would recognize them as old friends.
  16. PollyDarton

    Pulp Fiction

    Once you see it you can't unsee it. I was at work earlier so I didn't get a chance to really expound upon it (and my image spells it out) but the pregnancy subtext SCREAMS at you once you begin to analyze the sequence. It begins with Butch's earliest memory "of his father." Butch did not know his father because he died in WWII before he was born or before he would ever get the chance to meet him. At the end of the scene we realize this was Butch having a memory-dream. His father is on his mind. Butch does not throw the fight like he is supposed to, instead wins by killing his opponent so that he can cash in as much as possible for his retirement. Being a boxer is a dangerous business and Butch is getting old. He jumps in a cab where he is taken to his "Little Mammacita" hiding out in an anonymous hotel room. They are planning an escape. Butch enters the room and his demeanor instantly changes. He talks softly and sweetly to his lady. You could say he babies her. They discuss their escape, their danger, and then have oral sex. In the morning she discusses with great relish what she wants for breakfast, but then they discover that she forgot the watch. Butch flips his shit and has to go get it... risking his life. Why is he thinking about his father at all? Why is he retiring from an incredibly violent business? (Besides his outburst about the watch) Why does he treat Fabienne like a child? Why risk his LIFE for a watch? It's clear as day. They are having a baby and Butch has to make BIG changes. He wants to be a better father than his own by actually being alive for his child.
  17. PollyDarton

    Pulp Fiction

    I’m a week late for this episode but I came here to say this and it shocks me how many people don’t recognize it. It’s amazing show and don’t tell writing: the importance of Butch’s father, Butch’s legacy, the ticking clocks all around. It’s the entire reason why Butch is doing all the things he is doing. I made this because I’ve always had this theory.
  18. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics

    Yeah... I spoke too soon. Rabbit's website now redirects to something called KAST which is an app you download. I took a chance and downloaded it. It looks similar to rabbit but I can't get it to do anything so far.
  19. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics

    It totally worked for me last night. Maybe we should do next week. I can do this Friday but I might be late. Edit: Oh no! Tiptoes!
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    HDTGM Classics Pluto Nash 7/12

    Sooooo... I'm bumping this because I thought you guys might like to know that even though rabbit is done, they've lest the keys in the ignition and it seems to be working. https://www.rabb.it/s/8balc I've started a room to see how far I got and it took a minute but it works. Anybody want to try for Friday?
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    Episode 218 - Deadfall (w/ Chelsea Peretti)

    Only Eddie can truly express how I feel about this.
  22. PollyDarton

    Episode 218 - Deadfall (w/ Chelsea Peretti)

    It looks to be currently up and running at the moment. I just googled it and didn't see anything? What info do you have?
  23. PollyDarton

    Episode 218 - Deadfall (w/ Chelsea Peretti)

    Edit: disregard message. I'm dumb.
  24. PollyDarton

    Episode 218 - Deadfall (w/ Chelsea Peretti)

    Maaaaaan... this movie would have been so much more famous and arguably so much more... watchable if Val Kilmer was Joe. He would have raised the insanity level, which his honestly what this film needs. So I bought this dumb movie because it was the same price as renting it... and I said to myself "It can't be that bad." Anyhoo... If anyone wants to Rabbit this thing one evening this week I'll host.
  25. PollyDarton

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    Nawwwww... there's some DARK SHIT in WFRR. The Dip and the shoe? Holy Shit.