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  1. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 240 - Adam Lustick, Our Sad Friend

    This one was tough to listen to from the jump. I lost my Pops in a muck accident just like the one Sean was describing. And it was one of the last of those racist boxes with the brown cornpop janitor on it.
  2. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 156 - Legends of the Fall (w/ Kendra James)

    I can testify to Legend of the Falls being an appealing movie for boys as well as girls. I remember liking this movie not for the love story or the sweeping tale, but for the character of Brad Pitt, because I (and guys my age at a certain time) was kinda obsessed with Brad Pitt as a badass. This movie made it into a group of masculinity defining character stories consisting of Fight Club, Snatch, and Troy. The fact that he was pretty, yet in those movies usually messy with dirt, or blood, and acting like a savage, was something my friends and I found really appealing. In fact, I think because he was so pretty, he was able to do those aforementioned roles that were so much more savage than the masculine action stars were doing at the time. Also, at the time I remember my heterosexual male friends saying that Brad Pitt was the only guy they'd have sex with. He really transcended. I did vote YES on Legends of the Fall, even though I think Troy outshines it in almost every aspect--Brad Pitt is more savage as well as much greasier, the tale is more sweeping and the world is more vast, the characters are larger, the love is more passionate. PS Regarding the bear scene, I totally forgot about LOTF when I was watching the Revenant. Thinking back now, I remember the bear fight being a bit underwhelming, like special effects weren't enough, and after all it was just a very short moment with a freeze frame? It's been a while since I've seen it. Revenant definitely has a leg up there. The bear fight in LOTF I interpreted as this masculine character doing a badass feat, and defined the moment through the character. The Revenant bear fight, on the other hand, I interpreted as evidence of nature's devastating power being inflicted on a character who had no control.
  3. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    BoomBap Plug Theme

    I've always wanted to submit a plugs theme: https://soundcloud.c...g-theme-for-cbb
  4. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 121 - The Matrix (w/ Cameron Esposito)

    Firstly, World On A Wire > Matrix. But yeah, obviously Matrix goes in The Canon, one can't discuss film history without this movie.. Here's the thing: I think the idea of "misreading" this movie is off the mark. It's one of those bits of literature comparable to the Christian Bible in its versatility and interpretability, this movie can't be misread. I've never thought of the movie as a queer movie, but it would be dumb to shut down that interpretation. You could spin this movie into almost anything, because the movie itself raises so many questions and pulls together so many symbols and references and metaphors, while simultaneously being something really simple (it's just Plato's cave, that's an ancient idea at this point), that it'd be difficult to say exactly what it is, or what the movie definitively represents. Also, House Party > Matrix.
  5. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 119 - Friday (w/ Ben Westhoff)

    I first recognised the popularity of "Bye Felicia" when I was teaching high schoolers in 2013, and that's a testament to the longevity and breadth of this movie, that it transcends generations and still seems new today. Sycasey 2.0 says this movie isn't funny because there aren't "any actual jokes" in the movie, but this is precisely WHY the movie is still funny. Jokes get old. This movie busts your whole shit up as a 30 year old, or as a 15 year old, because the movie has very well cast and utilised actors who are genuine and hilarious, simply reacting in relatable moments. Maybe not everybody can relate to the movie, but for a lot of us, maybe most of us, of almost any age now, this movie really hits home. At one point in my life I watched it a few times a week. Also this movie can't just be generalised as a comedy. The critique of the gun moment as feeling misplaced I think misses the point--this is not a movie which just wants to make you laugh. I've always seen this movie as a re-telling of a very similar story to Boyz N the Hood, but from a less biased perspective, or a more realistic one. Yeah, the neighbourhood is tragic, but that tragedy is really blended with a lot of comedy, just people living normal lives and covering up their shit with air freshener, like I'm about to do any minute. Friday doesn't depict a world where young black men don't feel the need to carry a gun, or where drug dealers don't react with violence to seemingly small offences. That world doesn't exist, it would be a cartoon. It depicts our world through literally a more natural aperture, with more diagetic and representative music, and with a perceptibly broader point of view. It presents a critique of all the same shit as Boys N the Hood does, but in a fairer more objective style. p.s., I love House Party, and Class Act was one of my favs growing up. Kid N Play are fucking awesome.
  6. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 111 - Lost in Translation vs. Marie Antoinette (w/ Stephanie Zacharek)

    This choice was very hard. Both of the films are in my list of personal favourites, and I think both could be considered important in the history of cinema. Lost In Translation is a higher regarded film, more widely acclaimed, and perhaps more universal and relatable. If The Canon is about universality, cultural impact, Lost In Translation would probably need to win. It was the birth of Scarlett Johansson, and the re-definition of Bill Murray, two of our most beloved actors. It was the real flowering moment of Sofia Coppola, who is now a film legend. It does seem more like a 'film history textbook' kind of movie. But my favourite Sofia Coppola film is Marie Antoinette by far. Marie Antoinette is actually in my top 5. There's no other film like it that I've found. The soundtrack is unimpeachable, the design and colours are breathtaking, the story is fascinating. It's a period piece that seems really young and en vogue. It's a little more controversial and experimental. It's got the charm of being a little bit underrated. I think it appeals to a narrower audience due to its uniqueness and quirkiness, but it's precisely the uniqueness and quirkiness that make it fit into a film canon, because it's nothing like anything else you could put in the list. Frankly the choice is bullshit and I resent being asked to make it.
  7. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 191 - Eugene Cordero, Our Close Friend

    I love this show btw. I heard an ad for it in Nerd Poker in 2015, and have been hooked since. What would I do if it ended? Hollywood Masterclass is fun, but there's nothing quite like these two mischievous boyz doing their thing.
  8. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 191 - Eugene Cordero, Our Close Friend

    Kevin O'Brien I'm getting a lil sick of you not knowing much about showbiz
  9. Dave Grohlitzer Prize Winner

    Episode 190 - Bang Rodgman, Our Spinoff Friend

    The Sealab 2021 of podcasts