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  1. You're wrong, Pete. I DO get my political information from this show. It's the only way I can swallow it... I'm gonna miss this so much.
  2. St.Krebs

    Episode 36 - Shaun Diston - Spotlight On: Kent O'Yellow

    I love everything Shaun is in.
  3. This episode really makes me think of bringing together different cultures and different points of view.
  4. And for those who skip ads, Paul's disclaimer at the end of the kidnapping ad was glorious.
  5. St.Krebs

    Episode 333 - Gish Gallop

    I could listen to Paul Rust laugh all day long. This is a great lineup.
  6. ACTUALLY Paul wasn't around until after the resurrection...
  7. I also became very concerned... But I started thinking that LL was talking about Wild Horses. Once I get a raise at work, I'm subscribing just for Wild Horses. Their dynamic is so perfect and unmatched. So wish I could listen to their shows now.
  8. This episode really makes me think of bringing together different cultures and different points of view.
  9. St.Krebs

    Episode 327 - Welcome To Under-Earth

    "Remember when you got lost in New York?" hahahahahaha And Case Closed was PAINFUL.
  10. I'm late to this one. But I loved it. Love when everyone laughs...
  11. Hard Nation really makes me think about bringing together different cultures and different points of view.
  12. "the holidays are almost upon us" hahahahaha!
  13. Drop a couple electrodes in there
  14. St.Krebs

    Episode 324 - Besser and Schneider

    After listening to I4H for the last 4 years, I feel like Matt and I are family. This episode is one of my favorites of all time. I also have a nearly 5 year-old daughter, in-laws/parents that have weird quarks, and a wife that laughs at me and with me. I loved this. Always love when Danielle is on the show, but when it is just the two of them, this was gold. So relatable. Truth is comedy.
  15. I was especially amused by this episode.
  16. This whole ep... Wow. Well done, Colton. So so good.
  17. What was this?!?!?! Oh my gosh, I loved every minute. Productivity at work - down 75% because of this.
  18. This made me so happy
  19. St.Krebs

    Episode 3 - Cartoons

    Listened to the whole ep waiting for Batman the animated series. I'd get so mad at my mom if i got picked up late from school and missed it... This show is so pointless and insane. I'm gonna listen to every episode.
  20. Mark must have had some real revelations. Takes a lot - being a conservative and changing the way you think. Proud of you, Mark.
  21. St.Krebs

    Episode 308 - Hard Knocks

    Love Armen. ...and Matty-B This was amazing.
  22. This was great. Love hearing everyone laugh.