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  1. DrewF

    Episode 221 - Jen Statsky, Our Close Friend

    That was amazing. A Loose Fur reference on HH?! I was like, what'll they talk about next, The Minus 5? The Autumn Defense? Riiiiight?!?!?
  2. Loved the callback to "saving my load for marriage." Reminded me of an early ep where I believe Blake from Work of Holics said Catalina was just a cumshot away from LA. Anyone remember that, or am I just imagining it?
  3. DrewF

    Episode 218 - The Big Holiday Party

    You GOTTA imagine that Jake and Amir at least broached the subject of HH moving to Headgum. I mean, models are changing. Headgum is the future.
  4. Meet you at the snack bar.
  5. I'd love to meet some fellow scoop troopers.
  6. HO.LEE.SHIT. I just saw this. Haven't been forum-ing in a while. Long story short, bruh: if I still worked at Chapman I would, but I don't, so I can't.
  7. DrewF

    Episode 208 - Lou Wilson, Our Close Friend

    Liked the ep; didn't fall in love with it, so to speak. Too much Kevin Bartelt MMA. JK. But I digress. Any of you in the sunny Southern California area going to this Pee Cast Blast thing at the Ace Hotel? I heard about it on HDTGM. Why haven't the boyz done an ad for it yet? All booked up with second city ads? Which, btw, I'm loving. Anyway, hit me up if you're going. Drinks on meeeee!
  8. Well, everybody, that's it for the Chapman ads. You know what they say: tenth try's a charm. Special thanks for Sean and Hayes for finally getting it right. But also to all of you lovely people for playing along. I love you all, and I'm in love with you all.
  9. Chevy Monsterbird elicited a laugh from me unlike any in recent memory.
  10. To all guests: Did you know that those who hold masters degrees earn, on average, $20,000 more a year? -Zapman Drew
  11. Who was that Verbatim Vic imposter?
  12. He lookin like a snack