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    The gaping maw of oblivion.

    and cats!
  1. jordang

    Hot Pursuit (1987)

    This is the only Cusack movie from that time period I've never seen. Had never heard of it before discovering it on Canadian Netflix, but the only version available was a French dub. This post has nothing to do with anything!!! but yeah I'm gonna try to watch this now
  2. jordang

    Supergirl (1984)

    This film is a masterpiece and I will FIGHT anyone who challenges me.
  3. jordang

    Street Trash (1987)

    I've seen this twice and it's one of the weirdest, most incoherent messes I've ever seen. There are parts of this movie Jason would LOVE, so yeah it's perfect.
  4. jordang

    Tank Girl (1995)

    Holy jeez, I didn't realize it was directed by Rachel Talalay, who did a great job on Doctor Who. That's kinda neat.
  5. jordang

    Pet Helpers by Eliza Skinner

    Loved this! Mimi was, like, peak 90s slacker. This felt like a combination between a lost Bryan Fuller concept (back when he still did weird dark comedy) and a cool comic book, or something. Now I want to see more things written by Eliza Skinner! Are there any plans for more, or was this a one-off based on a TV script?
  6. See!? It's perfect! I hope they watch this before the world ends.
  7. Pauly Shore The Dos Equis guy plays an evil mall owner A cobra bites a guy's dick while he's taking a shit It ends with a fucking awesome Vandals song written just for the movie Way too many other gems to mention. You'll just have to watch/review it to know the rest!