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    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    Hey y'all. First time posting, so sorry if this was already discussed. One thing that I thought about, and I think was absent from discussions in the Podcast, was the death of his 1930's partner. Essentially, I think it's a pretty sloppy way to execute a person, (i.e. by time travelling him back and letting him fall to death from the building). Here's my thinking: 1. He could have easily fallen on someone else, hence altering the future drastically. 2. One could argue that he did alter the future by crushing someone's car and putting an unnecessary financial burden onto someone from the past. 3. What if the fall didn't kill him? Would they have known? 4. Lastly, the only person that knew he was in the process of falling to his death was JCVD, which means JCVD must have suggested this scenario, which is kinda f-ed up. One other thing I wanted to point out, which was discussed a bit, was Mia Sara's insane decision to go up on the roof during the final showdown. Especially since it was during a thunderstorm and she went up to the weathervane. The fact that she didn't get struck by lightning was very fortunate. Perhaps this is another nod to Back To The Future? Thoughts?