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  1. Much like Paul I also enjoy the Country Bear Jamboree, It is still very much active in Disney World. I recommend anyone to go see it if only for the voice acting alone. It’s filled with voice actors from cartoons past and it’s a real nostalgia trip to just sit there and listen to them.
  2. So I think the easiest way to explain how this universe works, is that it’s much like a Looney Tunes universe. Elmer Fudd does go around hunting a sentient rabbit and duck and doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by their existence. I think stuff like that it’s just easier to except a cartoon versus a live action movie
  3. Speaking of local planetariums My high school had a planetarium built into it. I guess at one point astronomy was a class you could take, but eventually they couldn’t find someone to run the machine so it was only used once in a while. I only got to use it once in Spanish class when we learned about the Mayan calendar
  4. Mister Card

    Episode 213 - Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)

    I play a train sound sometimes to put my kids to sleep
  5. Mister Card

    Episode 213 - Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)

    This movie was on cable the weekend it was announced, what is going on people?!!!
  6. While watching this movie I made a startling revelation. I actually own the same blue Chuck Taylors that Craig owned.
  7. This movie sounds like a gross version of “All Of Me”
  8. After The first time she tries to sleep with him I think Duchovny should’ve just called an exorcist. ”I’m glad to see there is an afterlife, I will see you there one day, but the power of Christ compels you.”
  9. Although it’s not an exact comparison in the comics of league of extraordinary gentlemen Jekyll did have clothes and whatnot that were made to fit Hyde. So if this really is a similar situation my guess is Jekyll had that stuff ready for Hyde to wear and smoke
  10. Quite simple actually he rolled his own
  11. Fun fact Edward Hyde is actually supposed to be shorter than Dr. Jekyll. Also Edward Hyde hiding out in France was part of the plot in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He only became bigger than Jekyll in the comics because he was a manifestation of his evil. Which increased the longer he was Hyde.
  12. And isn’t Abraham Van Helsing as a character fairly popular and recognizable? I don’t understand why they changed his name from Abraham to Gabriel and then expected it to not be noticed or matter. It’s not as if they couldn’t make him the angel Gabriel and Abraham Van Helsing be his name he took after he lost his memory.
  13. As weird as this is going to sound I actually kind of like that movie. However something about it doesn’t quite come together. So yeah I would actually like to see them take on this movie
  14. This movie seems pieced together from other concepts of monster hunting characters. Mr. Hyde is clearly a rip off from The league of extraordinary gentlemen, and Van Helsing’s hat Seems like a rip off of Solomon Kane. Also is there any connection to this van Helsing and the character from Dracula? I remember when this movie came out and I thought it was going to be like a Dracula prequel or something.
  15. Mister Card

    Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001)

    I will second that one. Great choice