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  1. Or you can go directly to the survey here: https://uwgreenbay.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d72Aea6uiOILOp7
  2. A few of us have been working on our own version o this project. See the infographic: https://infogram.com/rankings-bond-rankings-1gk92ejlxv1vp16 The survey is at the bottom. Grade the movie elements, and I'll update the infographic.
  3. DoctorNope

    Episode 037: Goldeneye with Steve Agee

    Started tracking the "Double-0 Scores" from the episode. You can see them, and some other cool James Bond data here: https://infogram.com/rankings-bond-rankings-1gk92ejlxv1vp16
  4. It's like calculating a Grade Point Average for each movie. (A=4, AB=3.5, B=3, etc.). You weight each category (plot, bond, bond girl, etc.) based on how valuable people think those categories are to the movie (that's what the question at the bottom is for. So, if people, on average, rate the villain as 30% important to how good a Bond movie, it becomes 30% of the final grade.
  5. DoctorNope

    Episode 037: Goldeneye with Steve Agee

    Great episode. I remember reading (not sure where) that Goldeneye was intended to be a direct follow-up to License to Kill (sort of like Quantum was to Casino Royale). The psychologist who is there to evaluate him at the beginning is there because of the events of License to Kill and his going rogue. Not sure if it's true but it explains why Felix isn't in it since he had just lost half his body to a shark.
  6. Love this episode. Here are the averaged rankings you asked for (assigning 7 points to the highest ranking and so on down): 7. Moonraker: 1.67 6. For Your Eyes Only: 3 5. Man With the Golden Gun: 3.33 4 and 3 (tied). Spy Who Loved Me and Octopussy: 4.66 2. View to a Kill: 5 1. Live and Let Die: 5.67 Anyone who is interested in and knows Bond well should take this survey to help establish the best Bond film ever. It's based on something Doug Benson (I think) mentioned on an episode in season one. https://uwgreenbay.q...d72Aea6uiOILOp7