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    I make music, I'm a sailor with the USN living abroad.
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  1. Thank you Mr. A! https://soundcloud.com/laustenfound/harmonious-plugs-theme
  2. It's an honor to be here. C+ Plugs theme
  3. Plug Theme Thank you Mr. A It's been a while since I've had any equipment.
  4. Plugs Theme What a great ep!
  5. LaustenFound

    Spark Plugs Theme

    Now downloadable.
  6. LaustenFound

    Spark Plugs Theme

    Spark Plugs Theme Thank you Mr. A. I'll see y'all at Clusterfest!
  7. Deets Plug Theme Just happy to be nominated. Link is above this line.
  8. https://soundcloud.com/laustenfound/suburban-plugs-theme https://soundcloud.com/laustenfound/suburban-plugs-theme Thank you Mr. A.
  9. Inspired by Red Flag Day, Mildly, this is ‘Out of Time’. Thanks a bunch! -Lausten Found
  10. https://soundcloud.c...ime-plugs-theme Dig it, spigot. -Lausten Found
  11. https://soundcloud.c...ban-plugs-theme This is a wonderful allude to the great band, The Descendents. While incorporating Scott Aukerman as Milo Aukerman-the early and current lead singer of the Descendents. Dig It.
  12. This is a New Wave plugs theme for you guys, Mr. A. https://soundcloud.c...eam-plugs-theme Grazie Mille, Lausten Found
  13. Can a DJ, DJ their own wedding? https://soundcloud.c...avy-plugs-theme Search Lausten Found on all streaming services!
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    Deets Plug Theme

    Fixed Download Link!