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    Chesterfield cigarettes, golden typewriters, that sort of thing, you know.
  1. Just listened to this again. I love the reading of Roger's diary. It's my birthday today. Happy birthday. That's just so lovely and sad at once.
  2. Loved this episode, but yeah, they should have done the Bond film rankings and that. For sure GoldenEye and Skyfall are gonna come way high (higher than they deserve), but heh. Also, FiveThirtyEight just seems like a generic news site? I search for "James Bond" and nothing relevant comes up.
  3. IonFlayming

    Episode 043: Tomorrow Never Dies with Alex Schmidt

    They did talk quite a bit about this in the old radio programme of this film, don't you know.
  4. IonFlayming

    Episode 038: Park, Theme Park (with Paul Scheer)

    I loove this episode. It almost makes you a child again.
  5. IonFlayming

    Rate the gunbarrels

    Thought I might post this little gem here, don't you know. Which is your favourite? I'll have to go with GoldenEye. I actually love the "techno" music, and Pierce's turn and shoot is just the best.
  6. How did you do the calculation exactly? I'd imagine it'd be easy, but my maths are quite terrible.
  7. IonFlayming

    Episode 037: Goldeneye with Steve Agee

    I absolutely loved the Michael Wilson cameo. Also, GREAT NEWS about my favourite guests, Amanda & Maria, coming back to do Goldfinger. I wrote it on a golden typewriter, you know.