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    I just hope to one day get my Movie Pass in the mail.
  1. Sarah Nicks

    Episode 134 - Love Actually (w/ Michael H. Weber)

    A definitive NO for me - but I do think Love Actually was an appropriate holiday ending to the Canon's Toxic Masculinity December Film Series (The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday, Carnal Knowledge, American Psycho). A perfect cap on the end of cringe-worthy year with its own seemingly endless yikes-list.
  2. Sarah Nicks

    Episode 132 - Carnal Knowledge (w/ Molly Lambert)

    Carnal Knowledge is not a perfect film but it is the perfect film to watch and discuss at this literal moment in history - thanks to Molly for this and ugh, men. Also, unrelated ... is there a fan site for the Canon where all the films that have been voted in are listed? Where does the Canon archive live apart from this Earwolf forum thread?
  3. Sarah Nicks

    Episode 124 - Suspiria (w/ Roxanne Benjamin)

    The only other time Iā€™d seen Suspiria was with a group of people who were only really into Goblin. They played the soundtrack over a silent projection of the film while someone fast forwarded to all the death scenes. I was such a treat to finally sit down with this film and actually watch it as there is so much to appreciate beyond just the soundtrack. I knew going in that color played a huge role but I was so overwhelmed by the sets and scenes that Argento selected - every frame is truly a painting. I paused it a couple times just to take a look around the gorgeous interiors. I found myself thinking about the word Suspiria - seemingly a combination of suspense/suspicion/spirit/hysteria. The film certainly embodies all of these things and like the spiral staircases, winding halls, and secret passageways the disorientation that one feels while watching is clearly the point and fun of this film. The further you go in the film the more you become like Suzy stumbling in a stupor down the hallway under a spell. Loved seeing that huge blue velvet curtain which seems to separate the two worlds in the film - obviously something that Lynch is nodding to with his recurring red room. A very easy, yes.
  4. Sarah Nicks

    Recommendation Thread: French New Extremity

    Amazing, will definitely be making my way through this list. Thanks so much Adam!
  5. Sarah Nicks

    Episode 123 - Martyrs (w/ Adam Egypt Mortimer)

    Is transcendent horror a thing? If so, Martyrs qualifies. It manages to feel original while wildly quoting so many of the best horror tropes. While overwhelmingly brutal it is also very sensitive film - take the scene where Lucie is laying on the couch looking up at her hands covered in blood, or how Ana's gelatinous looking foot slowly touches down on the floor in the post 'skinning' scene (blah!) or the moment when the tortured woman in the chamber realizes Ana is approaching her in kindness. I do not always appreciate the cinematography in newer horror films but this one got me. I also loved the point made in the discussion that this film travels through so many genres from Texas Chainsaw, Funny Games to Alien. It does so effortlessly without belaboring the viewer with too many unnecessary details to move the plot along. I was constantly surprised, on edge and satisfied by all its many twists and turns. If it was my last dying breath as I gazed upon the unknown it would be a soft and barely audible (yes) into the ear of my captor. Can't wait to watch more from the New French Extremity. Can someone start a recommendation thread for this genre?
  6. Sarah Nicks

    Episode 122 - The Tingler (w/ Witney Seibold)

    It does not matter if you cant experience the theatrical gags, this was conceptually groundbreaking and should be canon on that alone - a solid YES.
  7. Sarah Nicks

    Episode 119 - Friday (w/ Ben Westhoff)

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I hate to disagree with Amy but this is one of the greats - a super relevant film in it's time and one continues to influence ~bye Felicia. This is Chris Tucker at his best and (i mean) Ice Cube is totally adorable! Def. among the ranks of the best slacker films. What's not to love? Hell yes to Friday!