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  1. I don’t think Jason has the kind of wealth Gilly desires
  2. I’m all for Jason stepping back to let June be savage to the crowd for at least a few more shows.
  3. Is the biker-filled club where Stamos sees Velvet Von Ragner for the first time the same biker-filled club Whatshisnuts rescues Diane Lane from in Streets of Fire?
  4. Gdaynongman

    Episode 172.5 - Minisode 172.5

    I just saw this movie on blu ray at JB Hifi and it sounds like something that absolutely didn’t need to be released on the format.
  5. Gdaynongman

    Episode 510 - Pound Foolish

    "Is it like Let's Make a Deal, is Monty Hall involved?" - Junius Bobbledoonary https://www.nytimes....ake-a-deal.html It's George Michael all over again.
  6. Gdaynongman

    Episode 510 - Pound Foolish

    Tracy Chapman in her fast car?