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  1. Like every Jason movie before and after this, there were actually more graphic murders originally shot that had to be cut or shortened to please the MPAA. Rough cut footage of them can be found online and as special features on the movies.
  2. Jason says he wants procedural where the cop is an average guy going about his day and is about to retire but has a nagging feeling about this. That's Robert Duval in Falling Down.
  3. MJH didn't notice that Slater was built when he was wearing her dad's shirt that was basically painted on to him? It took him being shirtless for her to notice? And I love that he doesn't know what's flustered her. "What is it? Oh! My action figure physique, while I'm only wearing a towel, has caught you off guard? I'm not used to that reaction." And I wondered what happened to Grandma at the end. The cops tell her she's not going yet, which seems like there's a deleted scene where someone at the station is a fan and wants to meet her or something. But I think it's more likely that they're throwing her right back in jail for pulling a gun on a cop.
  4. Aaron TE Price

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    Maebe even laments to George Michael that her dad has a man-crush on Action Jackson.
  5. I think something needs to be said for how progressive Cliff's performance is, considering the context of when this movie was made. He's an Asian-American supporting character from the 80's that doesn't speak with an embarrassing accent or make offensive Asian metaphors. The fact that he's Asian-American isn't even referenced, which seems pretty much unthought of back then. Granted, he's a genius inventor, which could be considered a stereotype, but at least it's not an offensive one, which was a rarity.
  6. Lance is “going undercover” to get Ragnar’s autograph and Ragnar tries to catch him off guard by shouting “Stargrove!” Lance replies, “Is that name supposed to mean something to me?” So he’s playing it cool that he has no reaction to hearing his name shouted but at the same time, he’s aware that “Stargrove” is a name? I think would think any normal person’s reaction to being shouted Stargrove would be “The fuck did you just say?” As an experiment, I’ve begun sneaking up on strangers and shouting Stargrove at them just to see how they react.
  7. Lance tells Danja that he know Carruthers is a traitor and she says she’s impressed and that he’s really a Stargrove for figuring that out. What do they do with that knowledge? Absolutely nothing. I kept waiting for Lance to have some secret plan in his back pocket, that they were just waiting to be kidnapped to put into action. Nope, instead, they decide to strip and eat apples. From second one I could tell Carruthers was Gene Simmons. So I was really confused when he never revealed himself to elder Stargrove. In fact, after Ragnar killed him I thought that we would never see Carruthers again and there was a scene deleted where we found out they were one and the same. So, it made even less sense when he showed up later and we know he’s a traitor already. There was no point in hiding the fact that he was Ragnar at this point.
  8. The whole time I was wondering whose water supply Ragnar was planning on poisoning. After all, a water supply is a very limited geographical area. It's often just a city. But near the end Lance answered that question when he told Ragnar he was going to save the world. Ah! So it was the world's water supply! Wait... What?
  9. It's all a result of Road Warrior/Mad Max 2 which predated all of these.
  10. Aaron TE Price

    Episode 084: Never Say Never Again with Ben Blacker

    Gavan O'Herlihy had bigger roles in Superman III and Willow than you're giving him credit for. In Superman III, he was Lana Lang's ex-husband who Richard Pryor gets drunk to... use his security access or something? In Willow he was Madmartigan's friend who wouldn't save him from the cage and later dies fighting General Kael (play by Never Say Never Again's own Pat Roach!). Gavan also had a decent sized role in Lonesome Dove as the thief who coerces Jake into joining his gang, getting all of them hanged together. He gets a sign pinned to him saying what a coward he was.
  11. Aaron TE Price

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Supposedly this town is so small that everyone seems to know each other but crazy lady who left her oven on and wants to bonezone Cru, isn't aware that she's talking to his own mother when gushing about him at the race.
  12. Aaron TE Price

    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    Since you mentioned the terrible ADR and Russell's band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, I was surprised no one mentioned that the band's name came from this movie. Here's a quote from the man himself: "'30 Odd Foot of Grunts' was actually an ADR, which is an Analog Dialog Replacement line for the movie Virtuousity. It was the fight sequence on the roof, right, and I go in to replace the dialog because of aircraft or whatever and it said between 558 and 588, because film was still measured in feet, 'Please put in 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.' I just thought it was kind of snappy. Just rolled off the tongue."