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  1. the ostrich


    making a post
  2. the ostrich

    Episode 333 - Jon Hamm, Our Close Friend

    come back to say that this is the second time my college improv team, rice pilaf, has been referenced on HH.
  3. the ostrich

    Tatiana Maslany, Our Close Friend

    is this the closest we've gotten to a popcorn gallery?
  4. good to see joel back on the show. his last ep is one of my favorites.
  5. the ostrich

    Episode 309 - Andy Daly, Our Podcast Pilot Friend

    i loved hayes's big laugh after francesca said "gondoliers"
  6. the ostrich

    Episode 307 - Ayo Edebiri, Our Expert Youth Friend

    oh HELL yeah, my question about music biopics got on today's pro version. (btw, "judy" is a biopic about judy garland, something which i was unaware of until my latest trip to the theater. idk who decided we needed a movie about judy garland, but w/e)
  7. the ostrich

    Episode 303 - Jackie Johnson, Our Makeup Friend

    oh my gosh, sean bringing back "the vibe is immediate," and the pause beforehand when he's deciding whether or not to say it was the hardest i've laughed in a while.
  8. robotam, no offense to you but i miss dalton. he just had such a way with words when creating the new threads.
  9. the ostrich

    Episode 291 - Desi Lydic, Our Close Friend

    great ep, i got a lot of weird looks from co-workers today.
  10. the ostrich

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    very good ep.
  11. the ostrich

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    a t-shirt with a drawing of john lennon and garfield, and john has his arm around garfield and garfield has his signature droopy eyed smile and is saying "eat crow, jon. i've found a new john."
  12. the ostrich

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    seeing robotam talking about Daredevil makes me think of the mini vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil, and how i thought it was some sort of game when i was very small because the box kinda looked like it was a game. i dunno, i was a weird kid.
  13. the ostrich

    What do we do with Kevin if

    i hope he's in the dells. i hear it's the waterpark capital of the world, which is perfect for someone that makes me feel "cold fish," as they say.
  14. the ostrich

    Episode 280 - Weird Al, Our Close Friend

    oh dang!
  15. the ostrich

    Episode 278 - Sasheer Zamata, Our Fyre Fest Friend

    sean discussed a song called "eat shit" in today's pro version........sory sean, the fellas of remo drive beat you to that one....
  16. the ostrich

    Episode 277 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    loving the sound quality on the stitcher feed! makes me feel like i'm listening to the podcast on satellite radio!
  17. the ostrich

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    okay this is just TOO crazy for me not to share. so i'm sitting here at work, listening to this week's pro version when i feel an eyelash fall into my eye. as this is happening, hayes is talking about timing and being in the right place at the right time, and then he politely asks chef kevin to not to rub his eye while he's talking. i thought this was an incredibly weird coincidence, and then kevin responds with "do you guys ever have an eyelash that goes inward? an eyelash that, like, falls into your eyeball?" i do, kevin! i do have an eyelash that goes inward and that, like, falls into my eyeball! it just happened!
  18. the ostrich

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    i like the premise. should be a good ep!
  19. sean is just TEASING us at this point, using a sound drop that is oh-so-similar to a popcorn gallery sound drop when kevin walked through his bead curtain.
  20. the ostrich

    Episode 270 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder Part 2

    side note: the "sexual healing" smooth jazz cover during the drunk driving ad this week made me laugh very hard
  21. the ostrich

    Episode 270 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder Part 2

    dr. gameshow's last episode was yesterday and it's all your fault for not listening to it.
  22. the ostrich

    Episode 269 - Sam Richardson, Our Close Friend

    how do you spell jazzma? jazthma? jasthma? sound off below!
  23. the ostrich

    Episode 268 - Adam Conover, Our Close Friend

    hi brian, first time fan, first time caller. i got just one question for you: who are you and are you who you wanted to be when you were young (as that one song by the killers goes)?