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  1. Moonraker is a 006 maybe even a 006.5 my favorite over the top Bond film.
  2. I would rank the Living Daylights cold opening fairly low because of Bond's attitude. Two double-o's are brutally murdered and instead of immediately reporting in Bond instead bones the first woman he meets. Bad form Bond.
  3. RnkFanArt

    Episode 043: Tomorrow Never Dies with Alex Schmidt

    I love Tomorrow Never Dies. I think it's equally as good as GoldenEye and in some aspects it's superior. I'd give it a 006 or 006.5.
  4. RnkFanArt

    Episode 046: The Henchmen Ranked

    Loque is the better henchman. He killed more people in FYEO and has the better death scene. Loque for the win. Also Goldie in "The World Is Not Enough" is the actor but his character is named "The Bull."
  5. I always thought Bond looked more Vulcan than Japanese.
  6. RnkFanArt

    Episode 049: Skyfall with Paul Sabourin

    I always looked at Dr. No - Die Another Day as one timeline of continuity and Casino Royale as the start of the brand new timeline/continuity. Sean Connery and Roger Moore are playing the "same" Bond more or less but Craig's Bond isn't. Casino Royale could be view as Bond 2.1 instead of Bond 21. It's a clean slate save for Judi Dench. Because she was brought back she is actually playing a different versions of M. For example her M from the Brosnan era viewed Bond as "a relic of the Cold War" while in Casino Royale she states "Christ! I miss the Cold War." The continuity between the films in the original timeline was very loose and while story threads do carry over in the Craig Era the continuity is also pretty loose. Another M example is her ever changing office. She has a different one in each Craig film. Skyfall alone has three different offices for M! I would imagine that after Bond 25 the series will go back to stand alone films with a looser floating timeline.
  7. RnkFanArt

    Episode 047: License To Kill with Marc Bernardin

    I love Marc's story about how he came to Bond but it's so weird his first "Bond film" was "Never Say Never Again."
  8. RnkFanArt

    Episode 049: Skyfall with Paul Sabourin

    Disagree about Silva having the foresight to plan everything out perfectly. It just seems that way because of how the events play out on screen. Silva knew by attacking MI6 they would retreat to their underground bunker. Silva being a former agent and computer whiz he knew MI6 protocols. So no plot hole there. In regards to knowing exactly when Q would access the laptop and try to get past the security protocols that doesn't matter either. If Q did it a 8:00am or 2:00pm the next day it doesn't change anything because Silva would still be in the holding cell waiting. The trap was set and Silva was merely waiting for Q to spring it. As for blowing up the tube and crashing the commuter train. Silva knew someone would give chase, in this case it was Bond. He chose a route where he could escape into the tube system. As for knowing that a train would be coming, well trains do run on a schedule, so one would be along shortly. Silva lucked out that one was on it's way. Depending on the timing blowing a hole in the bottom of the tube would have either killed those chasing him or blocked their path. Plus it would create general chaos. A win win for Silva in either situation. However none of the above events are dependent on having to coincide with the hearing M is attending. M could have easily been at home or eating in a restaurant, it didn't matter where she was. Silva's plan was to have Q trigger his escape, set off some bombs to kill or slowdown his pursuers, find M and assassinate her. That fact that M happens to be at the hearing is the filmmakers giving us the most exciting version of those events.
  9. RnkFanArt

    Episode 041: A View To A Kill with Kumail Nanjiani

    A View To A Kill is one of the worst Bond films for numerous reasons but it does have a number of good elements. Just as Kumail remembered Q's robot from his childhood I remembered the horse jumping sequence with the poles rising and lowering but couldn't recall what film they were from. It wasn't until I watched AVTAK many years later that I rediscovered that sequence was from a Bond film. The things that stick in your brain.
  10. RnkFanArt

    Episode 038: Park, Theme Park (with Paul Scheer)

    The Great Moments with Mr. Fleming bit was genius. I laughed so hard. I'd love to see a boat ride called "It's a Small World Is Not Enough." However I don't see the need to combine the Alpine/Piz Gloria mountain with Blofeld's hallowed out volcano. Disneyland has multiple mountains, Space, Big Thunder, Splash, and the Matterhorn so "James Bond Land" could also have more than one. Blofeld's Volcano could be the centerpiece of a section of the park called "Spectre Island." Piz Gloria would be the centerpiece of the Alpine Mountain section where a gondola takes visitor's to a revolving restaurant at the mountain's summit. The mountain would have have several rides and attractions surrounding it including, a bobsled ride from "For Your Eyes Only", a ski chase from "On her Majesty's Secret Service", and the Cello case ride from "The Living Daylights." At the bottom of the Alpine Mountain there would be a car chase ride called the "Aston Martin Alpine Adventure" which would take you through various scenes and situations from Goldfinger, OHMSS, The Living Daylights, and Die Another Day. You start off racing Tilly Masterson's Mustang down the mountain during "summer" then winter sets in and you'll chase by Spectre's henchmen through a village a demolition derby, and a snow drift, you blast your way through a police barricade into a tunnel and through a barn, and then onto a frozen lake where Zao gives chase in his tricked out Jaguar. There would be several versions of the Aston Martin to ride in. The DB5 from GoldfingerF The DBS from On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the V8 Vantage Volante from The Living Daylights , and the Vantage from Die Another Day, There would also be an Alpine village with other shops and restaurants which would be an amalgamation of the villages and ski resorts from the films. ""Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?" would be played nonstop on speakers spread throughout the village. Plus you can get yourself a cone at Bibi Dahl's Ice Cream Shop.