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    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    long time listener, first time posting. i've regretted not posting/voting before, such as: missing out on voting/posting against 'juno' and 'wrath of khan', advocating for a "neither" option, talking about how awful a guest brett morgan was, defending the razzies, and calling out the lack of diversity. but ultimately, lives are not at stake. that being said, i had to make myself heard this time. i have the same feelings for bad movies- even terrible ones. they are often forgettable, but also they give us hours of fun and mindless entertainment. i laughed at 'the room' for all the wrong reasons. tommy wiseau adapted his vision after his movie failed; and no one is giving him credit for his writing or his acting. the design and music scream 1990's- bad after-hours cable 1990's. but i was genuinely surprised to find out it's from the early 2000's! during the podcast you speculated if wiseau studied kubrick, and scorsese. i am confident in saying this looks more like he studied zalman king's 'red shoe diaries' as if it were 'breaking bad.' sycasey2.0 pointed out that this is more of a cultural curio, but not canon worthy. i couldn't agree more. as far as accidental genius goes, i don't see it here. velcro, penicillin, and the opening riff to 'sweet child 'o mine' are accidental genius. one-off genius is lacking here too. see maria falconetti and 'nevermind the bullocks.' florence foster jenkins is a fascinating figure. she was a bad singer and will never be remembered as one of the greats. she was a study in other things though- as a patron of the arts and someone with true aspirations. 'the room' is a garbage film. it's a study in other things, but not one of the greats.