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    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    On the topic of the Action Jaction action figure from Mego, you can buy one right now from target... https://www.target.com/p/mego-action-jackson-jumpsuit-action-figure-8/-/A-53475782
  2. Since this is the same screenwriter as "Nashville", I guess that explains... Also, "Shark Free Pool"? Wut?
  3. So, this doesn't directly relate to this movie, and maybe this has been covered already... But has it been discussed that there is an HDTGM reference in Batman #55? Paul has shouted out Tom King's Mister Miracle several times. Looks like he's reciprocating some of the love.
  4. Just an observation... Gwyneth Paltrow stars in Sky Captain, which is essentially a superhero movie, as a character named Polly Perkins. A few years later she goes on to star in Iron Man, another superhero movie, as a character named Pepper Potts. Can we please crowdfund an Underdog movie and have her star as Polly Purebred so Gwyneth can complete her "superhero movie character whose names have P.P. alliteration" trifecta.
  5. HI Paul. Quick "correction", not directly regarding Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, but for Superman The Movie. It's a widely held misconception that Superman spins the Earth backwards on its axis. That's not what happens here. It was Superman moving backwards in time, not The Earth actually spinning backwards. The Earth spinning backwards was meant to represent time moving backwards. I'm not sure if this is indicative of the state of what was possible with special effects at the time, or a poor directing choice (I'm gonna say effects because Richard Donner is dope), but this story telling beat is not clearly conveyed. Also, knowing that he can move backwards in time lends more weight to Jor-El telling Superman "You must not interfere with human history". Thanks for what you do. Love the show.