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  1. Longtime listener, first-time poster...and coming in very late on this topic. I had a tiny part in the film, so can add to a couple of the points made on the podcast. 1. Christopher Reeve was very pleasant on the set. 2. There were some signs of money problems/lack of special effects. I played a newlywed who was trying to get into a hip nightclub. At one point, Christopher Reeve was told to blow on me and that would suggest that my husband and I were blown into the nightclub. He said, 'Won't it just look like I'm spitting on this perfectly nice girl?' There was also some ridiculous product placement - for no reason my character had to suddenly drink some yogurt drink (making sure the product's name was on view) like you do when you're a newlywed who can't get into a nightclub. 3. I was invited to the premiere and discovered.....my scene (along with about 40 minutes of the film) were cut. I was mortified - I'd been in for some post-syncing and had seen it (it was the Metro Club scene) and thought it had a goofy charm. 4. The Metro Club scene is one of the those mysterious deleted scenes no one seems to have got their hands on - my memory was that it was supposed to look like a Studio 54 club with (and now I'm wondering if I hallucinated this) a bunch of people dressed like the Statue of Liberty. 5. My husband who came to the audition with me and was spotted by the casting director played....Man on the Great Wall of China. Yeah, one of the non-Chinese people up on the wall. Love the podcast (hope you do a live show in London sometime) - I was in (or been cut out of) some other bad films, so they'll probably pop up some time.