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    Episode 145 - The Lost Boys (w/ Dallas Sonnier)

    I voted yes to TLB just because there wasn't a HELL YES option. Kidding aside, I hadn't even considered this movie to be Canon material, but the fact that it even got nominated, got me thinking about it. First, mad respect to the guest for bringing FANGO back. Well done, sir. And well done with The Lost Boys also. This is a very well executed movie, with its own aesthetic and mood, all of which has been criminally underrated. The fact that it manages to be both a video clip and also a kick-ass vampire story must be recognized. Its comedic timing is impeccable, and let's also give it credit for bringing succesfully mixing the vampires with the teenagers, in all seriousness and respect for the myth. I know FRIGHT NIGHT came two years before, but I still think TLB speaks to it teenager audience better than that, having a much more exciting and sexy approach than the nostalgic view seen in Fright Night. I think there's no BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER without TLB, they use a fairly similar look for the vampires, and they also use the term (coined by Corey Feldman's character) TO VAMP OUT. Come on, there's your legacy to pop culture right there. Welcome THE LOST BOYS to The Canon!