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  1. Yep. And Voight said it was for another movie, but I heard the whole reason he went fi-core was to do the BABY GENIUSES series. I mean, at least it was for a good project...?
  2. I remember when this movie came out, Vanity and John Stamos were dating and their relationship was being used to sell the movie. Stories about how they got naked in the VO booth doing ADR, etc. etc. Even as a 10-year-old kid, I didn't buy it. Also, another HDTGM connection: In addition to producing BABY GENIUSES, Steven Paul was a producer on BRATZ and happens to be Jon Voight's manager, which is why Voight did that film and why one of the Bratz is played by Skyler Shaye, who is Paul's niece and Voight's goddaughter. As Voight's manager, Paul helped convinced him to go fi-core a few years back, infuriating much of the industry.