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  1. Why was Elwood Blues so shitty to John Popper? Not only does he blow him off when John Popper simply gushes over him and says he's the reason he started playing music but he replies with 'So?'. It feels the way Jake would have handled the interaction but definitely not Elwood. Also, why steal Joe Morton's cash? Don't you think that will piss off your new brother? Why does he need the money so quickly? I know BB King is closing his car lot but if it's not the original car, can't he just get a job and wait for another one to come available? Additionally Elwood is an engineer who can waterproof a car, build in remote control steering, and have a compartment large enough to store a person in the dashboard? These sorts of modifications take time and in depth knowledge in cars and electronics. Was this what he learned in prison? Lastly, there is no reason for the Blues Brothers band to tour nationally or be a full time job. I'm sure the band would be happy to play a couple of gigs a month with Elwood around Chicago and Elwood could use his notoriety to play harmonica and do studio sessions to make a living. He'd probably even have a good career as a producer if he would just stop breaking the law and being shitty to people that can help him get up on his feet.
  2. I finally got registered on the forum to comment about this film. First, anyone else notice the Peavey, Cort and Lakland guitars featured predominately in the band? Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, and Matt Murphy had signature guitars at the time. It was just kind of out of place considering the first movie had them playing Gibson and Fenders. The Blues have some history with really young blues prodigies. Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa, and Jonny Lang were all performing the blues before they were teenagers. If you go see Buddy Guy he usually has some kid playing with him. Last time it was Quinn Sullivan so the character of Scribbles does have a foot in reality. But it's really poorly executed. Are we to believe that Scribbles whole introduction to the blues was through a couple of songs at the Stripster club and a poor sales pitch from Elwood to Willie about getting the band back together? Where did he learn to play Harmonica? They probably could have filled in some holes rather than blowing up the white supremacists. I read that there was an earlier script where that character was supposed to be played by a down and out 16-20 year old kid which makes sense when Paul mentioned Macaulay Culkin. Even then, my take would to have Scribbles be a student at Columbia majoring in guitar studies where his interest in the blues isn't welcome. He and Elwood somehow meet where he's now the Janitor at the orphanage. After successfully showing the kid 'all the moves' and playing at a blues club for serious blues lovers Scribbles sees an invite to for Elwood to play the Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival which he's hesitant to play without Jake and his old band. Scribbles reunites the old band and convinces Jake that he should care more about the music than age, line ups, or anything else and convinces him to take his place as one of the legends of blues.