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  1. 4 hours ago, devscoots said:

    iYou can follow me on twitter I guess. I mean, if that sounds like a good idea.



    Did you link to Just OK instead of your twitter on purpose?  Kind of a bait and switch.  I followed anyway.  And fuck that guy that hates pears and gets hundreds of likes despite saying "FUCK OF" instead of "OFF."  If popularity means being a dumb ass then I'm doing really well in this world.

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  2. I'm now following Little Esther on Instagram and I have discovered something:  uhh... she kinda cute.  Just sayin.

    (Don't try and blackmail me either, my wife knows that I did not disable my attractiveness-detection-chip upon getting married.  Sorry!  I just didn't.  No apologies.  I did trade my gaydar chip for a icecream-van-detection rig and for some reason I was never born with Jewdar so they just walk among us and I can't even tell.  It's kind of scary, but I think they're all nice, so it's more like they'll pop out and surprise me with a bouquet of flowers instead of a vampire bite, but I'm just not good with surprises either way.)

    My brother wasn't that keen on this episode and thought she kinda sucked until I explained that a) her repertoire/banter with the boys was a canon established upon her first appearance on the show and is therefore good and not bad, and, b) she's kinda cute, which is this day and age is not a replacement for being smart and funny and nice and is certainly no get out of jail free card, but being cute really helps keep other people's eye muscles engaged and active and therefore is a healthy alternative lifestyle that I heartily approve of.

  3. (It's in my earholes right now and no one at work knows what I'm secretly listening to.  I've also got my being nice shirt under my work attire, only I'm not wearing it it's rolled up and placed in my stomach region under my shirt as if I have a beer belly which I mostly don't, but I have to keep up the appearance if I want to smuggle things in and out of work on a regular basis.)

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  4. How to upload picture Mastarclaps:

    See clippy the paperclip down there?  You can't click that one, cause he's dead.  Click the choose files... by his tombstone.  Select the file on computer.  Then you get a message that says "you are only allowed to upload 81.92 kb" and you have to click OK.  Then use snipping tool to take a picture of that message, save that to the desktop, click choose files... again, and select the new picture.  Click the + plus sign overlayed on your upload and it will insert itself into the post. Done!


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  5. OK, what do I do if I think I've stumbled on some tax fraud?


    Comedy Bang! Bang!
    5x15 Allison Janney Wears a Chambray Western Shirt and Suede Fringe Boots
    11.11.16 Jessica McKenna, Sean Clements, Mike Hanford, Jessica Jean Jardine, Mike Mitchell

    Sean Clements ... (as) Tony

    Sean Clements has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show.


    I've watched this episode.  I did not see a Tony.  Did you see a Tony?  I looked really really hard.


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  6. I already sent the boys a love letter and the mailman kicked it into the dirt and sent it back packing. 😢
    Honestly I may have thought they were gay lovers at the time?  I dunno, I was pretty silly when I wrote it.

    Tomorrow night the boys will be in Booooostoon, if they aren't already! So much excite!

    • I have my "Chilling with my peeps" shirt laid out and ready to go.  (I thought the boys would prefer me being aloof than wearing my nice and being nice shirt like some sycophant.)
    • We get let out of work at 2pm which is good because I need plenty of time to pace in a circle before the show.
    • I'm meeting a fellow Handbook Head there as my date since my wife said, "no way" for some weird reason and I don't want to laugh alone in the dunce corner. 🧐
    • I've heard so many drunk driving commercials lately I'm going to get an Uber there and back, despite being a cheap ass.

    I have the following presents to deliver to the boys / Chef Kevin at the merch table:

    • 1 Hollywood Handbook hand-Painted Rock in honor of The Rockwell 2018
    • 1 Boston Celtics Lighter (pronounced Kel-Tics, Sell-teeks, Ksel-tacks, Klaatu barada nikto)
    • 1 Turkey Leg or Hog Leg for Kevin, his choice (an $8 or $15 pre-roll, legal in Mass as long as you give it away and don't accept any money for it.  Does he still puff?  Maybe he got clean after he found love.  Anyway, somebody failed to come through in Chicago so I thought I'd do the right thing and step it up for him in beantown.  Always nice to bump into the herbal essence when you're in a new place.)

    Happy Birthday Hayes.  Thanks for the belly laughs. 🍰🎉🤳

    I've even gotten my brother into the show now.  (Yes! That's one convert!)  Sorry about my wife guys.  I let you all down.
    Honestly I don't even go to movies anymore?  I just watch Half in the Bag reviews instead.  I don't watch TV anymore (excepting Netfleek, HBow, etc.) because I hate commercials.  The only commercials I ever hear anymore are HH ones.



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  7. ^

    Re: Huh?:  What I meant with the gods on the earth thing was, did the boys used to actually interact on the forums?

    Re: Bette Midler is a reference to the nighmarishly haunting "at a distance" song that those of us old enough were assaulted by against our will for many years, in shopping malls, radios... it was so awful.  But we lived to tell the tale.

    Bonus conspiracy theory:  What if the ComiCon show wasn't really as terrible as they lead on?  I mean, the audience did get some chuckles in and maybe it felt a bit stilted or not up to their usual standards (e.g. an audience full of HH fans), but that nobody would have walked away saying "jesus, that was awkward..." - I mean, Comicon audiences are used to terrible jokes and people making half-hearted attempts at humor.  Just a thought.

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  8. So I retroactively apologize that this isn't funny*, but sometimes you gotta get seruos.  My life is absolutely riddled with synchronicites that especially seem to revolve around shows like CBB and HWHB where things that are said off the cuff are affected by some kind of retrocausality from my future that influences the shows or something.  They end up talking about shit that is stuff that just happened in my life and then I'm like, wtf, are we living in a computer simulation?!?  I will attempt to document them.

    SYNC 1:  I saw this amazing looking mechanical pencil last week that someone had left on the supplies cabinet and I wanted it, but the supplies Nazi wanted to hold it at her desk in case the pencil-loser returned.  I told her I'd come get it Friday and she meanly squinted, "MONDAY" and then clicked her heels together, extended her palm high, and put her finger over her lip like a little mustache.  She just wanted to make me wait.  On Monday (my 45th b-day) she wasn't even here so I grabbed it and high-tailed out of there.  It's fan-farting-tastic, except that it's .9 which is a little big for my tastes* cause like sometimes it's sharp and sometimes it's too flat depending on the topography of the thing which keeps changing as you use it (also *.)


    Anyway, this bad boy is mine.  And yes, those crappy yellow ones are the source of all complaints about leads going back in.  Most other mechanical pencils have a one way butthole, but the yellow PaperMate Sharpwriters are freaking loose in the caboose if you get my meaning.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, unless you're a pencil.

    * like my p****.

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  9. The Wolverine pod did so well I want to propose a podcast with a new Marvel IP: 

    A super-hero named Moleskine®.  He's actually covered in moles that he inherited from his mother who is in her 70s and she has some of those nasty ones that hang off by a little thread like a pouch of spiders.  Ugh, so gross.  He doesn't have those, just the regular ones.  His power is that he's practically got a photographic memory - as long as he writes the information down on his skin using one of those skin pens, cause otherwise his memory really sucks cause he smoked too much weed in college.  He has a ton of skin pens that he ordered bulk from Amazon so he's always stocked up before he goes on a mission, but he needs to avoid getting wet or he could lose it all.  His arch enemy is called Smudge® and is constantly trying to mess up all the stuff he wrote down just to be a jerk.  He isn't all that motivated to stop Moleskine and it's not like his lifetime passion or anything, he just thinks its funny at how mad he gets.

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  10. Improv is so dependent on "Yes, and..."-ing everything.  I'd like to get away from that format and do Improv that has a central core of "No" + an angry stare.  Not sure it would play in podcast format, but I'm still working out the details.

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