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  1. KindaGamey

    Episode 328 - Jamie Loftus, Our Mensa Friend

    I absolutely love Jamie Loftus... I have been begging Kevin for this episode. Even Scam Goddess brought up Jamie Loftus and Sean kind of swirled it around in his mouth speculatively... anyway, so glad this happened. She is brilliant. If "Boss Whom is Girl" ever comes to your town - go SEE IT! If you like corporate sarcasm, feminist sarcasm, comedy, and below the waist frontal nudity, you will love that show.
  2. KindaGamey

    Episode 327 - Rob Huebel, Our Medical Police Friend

    i think i'm going to actually listen to this one. i like how rob manages to stay low key and not get too excitable. also, i love that someone invented a spray that makes microphones stink because the podcast industry really needs it.
  3. KindaGamey

    Episode 326 - Atsuko Okatsuka, Our Close Friend

    108: I HEART RADIO PODCAST AWARDS Hollywood Handbook: Pro Version
  4. KindaGamey

    Episode 324 - Jon Gabrus, Our Power Hour Friend

    oh i remember this one!
  5. KindaGamey

    Episode 317 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend Again

    I feel like it's my fault somehow, but then again I feel that about most things.
  6. KindaGamey

    Episode 314 - Matt Besser, Our Cannabedian Friend

    please chip in a hedgehog for ol' Dalton who tirelessly posts these playgrounds for our amusement and can be quite prickly when mishandled.
  7. That's cool! However, this will always be the original Tight Pants video for me.
  8. KindaGamey

    how do we ask questions for the pro version

    No, if they do come here to spy on us they would never admit it because this forum isn't "cool". You could send a question to: AsktheBoys@Earwolf.com But it could get lost in the shuffle.
  9. Am I the plane at the airshow that sucks and just doesn't know it?
  10. KindaGamey

    Episode 310 - Dewayne Perkins, Our Close Friend

    aww, the lady Sean kept saying was so "lovely" from Yesterday is Lady Rose (Lily James) from Downton Abbey! https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/the-reason-isn’t-lily-james-in-the-downton-abbey-movie-is-understandable-we-guess/ar-AAHy2RB
  11. KindaGamey

    Episode 310 - Dewayne Perkins, Our Close Friend

    I have a binary tract infection. Doctor: "Does it itch?" Me: "000000" Doctor: "Is it painful?" Me: "000001" Doctor: "On a scale of 000000 to 001010 how much does it hurt?" Me: "000110" Sync for today: my wife made cinnamon scones and I just posted one on facebook this morning.
  12. KindaGamey

    Episode 309 - Andy Daly, Our Podcast Pilot Friend

    Syncs: 1. Once when I was a teenager I had a nightmare that absolutely terrified me. I was getting pulled under the bed by cookie monster and I was in that dream-like slow motion where you can't react properly. It was weird cause I had no association with Sesame Street except having watched it as a kid. 2. I have a recording of my wife and I playing "Tiny Bubbles":
  13. I resent that Sean characterizes his fans as "horny nerds," but I will have to re-listen to this ep just to hear Julie talk about her bean again.
  14. KindaGamey

    Episode 307 - Ayo Edebiri, Our Expert Youth Friend

    I dunno if i'm allowed to post it here? it's not mine to share. plus, this forum only accepts images that are smaller than a postage stamp and use less than one color. if you're a member of the super-secret scoop troop facebook group it might be on there... (also great ep! ... also also, did you hear hayes quip about 2015/16 was when he stopped reading the forums? you have to read between the lines, he said, "oh yeah, that's when I stopped...")
  15. KindaGamey

    Episode 306 - Sona Movsesian, Our Conan Friend

    i think she was most def high during HH... take it from someone who knows. and p.s. the POPCORN GALLERY IS ON BITCHES!