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  1. And Gary Coleman worked as a security guard, but after his fall from grace unfortunately.  And Carrot Top works as a team mascot for the unholy dark lord. 

    I grew up in Richmond, VA where we get maybe one or two celebrity stories a year and when I went to LA it seemed like almost every radio news story had a celebrity involved.  I always wonder how the boys/CBB-folks can possibly remember so many celeb/movie/show names, but I guess if you're inundated in that culture it sticks more.  I smoked away most of my brain cells related to celebrity and movie references so I have to limp along trying to get all the references sometimes.

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  2. Pitches love podcasts.  Post your best ideas here, maybe if we all put our minds together we can come up with something great.

    If you have a podcast pitch, send it to pitches@midroll.com

    So if I come up with a great pitch does that mean I'm magically granted a podcast or does that mean Auck Scotterman clones himself again and makes a podcast with my idea?  Suspicious that they don't really say.  I want to do a podcast for Hollywood Celebrities about what it's like to be a regular office shlub who works a 9-5:30 job with only a 30 minute lunch break and teach them how they can get into the business if they're interested.  I'm pretty sure Maria Bamford was an office admin back in the day.  I wonder if she was honing her comedic craft the whole time.



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  3. Parking Lot Auckerman is meeting with various future Earwoof podcast hosts at coffee shops all over LA wearing his sunglasses the whole time and when they ask him what to do in their show he puts some thought into it rubbing his chin and tells every one of them as if it's the first time he thought of it, "why don't you try segments?" Smash cut to cloud heaven where God Auckerman is wearing his sunglasses the whole time and this pasty white worm with centipede legs is like, "So... I really want to scare women at picnics and on kitchen floors, bathroom sinks and all that, and I feel like the hundred legs thing is really working for me, but uhh... like, I really need something else to make this whole thing pop." God Auckerman rubs his chin and really puts some thought into it.

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  4. 18 hours ago, Spunky Foonerism said:

    Great first post! Also, what boys are you going to see, please be more specific.  There's like, hundreds of possible boys you could be seeing in Boston, smdh!

    I mean, I thought I bought tickets to Middle East Presents Hollywood Handbook Aug 31 7pm @ Sonia in Bah-ston, but now I can't find anything about it on TicketWeb?? It vanished.  I don't even see the charges on my account.  I hope they didn't yank it.  😭


    Edit: They yanked it. :(   Just got the email.

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  5. I thought of a funny bit where I'd take the clip of Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky where he shouts "tech suppooooooooort" into the sky and replace the audio with the boys shouting "KEVIN!", but upon reviewing Vanilla Sky I've now rejected that idea.  His face looks awful (Cruise's face, not Kevin's.)  Also my reference is outdated.  Back to the drawing board.

    Hello, this is my first post.  Going to see the boys in Boston Aug 31.  Super excited.

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