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    Share Your Album and Song Lists!

    Great list, AlmostAGhost. I always bump on Electrolite - I like it, but I never remember that it's from NAIHIFI - always seems like more of a fit with Reveal. Albums: 15. Around The Sun 14. Reveal 13. Up 12. Accelerate 11. Collapse Into Now 10. Monster 9. Green 8. New Adventures In Hi-Fi 7. Document 6. Reckoning 5. Lifes Rich Pageant 4. Fables Of The Reconstruction 3. Murmur 2. Automatic For The People 1. Out Of Time IRS Era: 10. West of the Fields 9. Disturbance at the Heron House 8. Gardening at Night 7. Perfect Circle 6. (Don't Go Back to) Rockville 5. Begin the Begin 4. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) 3. Cuyahoga 2. Driver 8 1. Swan Swan H Warner Bros. W/Berry Honorable Mention - Wichita Lineman (my favorite R.E.M. cover) 10. Try Not to Breathe 9. Let Me In 8. E-Bow The Letter 7. Bittersweet Me 6. Losing My Religion 5. Texarkana 4. You Are The Everything 3. Turn You Inside-Out 2. Country Feedback 1. Find The River Post Berry (not to be confused with FrankenBerry or BooBerry) 10. Lotus 9. Supernatural Superserious 8, UBerlin 7. Living Well Is The Best Rvenge 6. I'll Take The Rain 5. Hollow Man 4. Leaving New York 3. At My Most Beautiful 2. Walk Unafraid 1. Daysleeper
  2. Earl J. Waggedorn

    Covers Of R.E.M. with Jason Mantzoukas

    Cry Cry Cry! One of my favorite one-off bands (folkies Dar Williams, Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky) get some love from the podcast. I know there are a ton of other covers out there, way too many to fit on one podcast, but two I would have liked to hear were End of the World by Great Big Sea, and Sweetness Follows by Kathleen Edwards.
  3. They asked if there were other songs that had an additional songwriter. The only one I know of is "Old Man Kensey," written by Jeremy Ayers of Athens, GA, along with B/B/M/S.
  4. Earl J. Waggedorn

    Next R U Talking Series

    There has been a lot of Radiohead talk during the R.E.M. series. I could also see a limited series focusing on soundtracks, cast albums, or other compilations.
  5. Earl J. Waggedorn

    Collabs Into Now

    Great ep. My favorite recent collab is Peter Buck playing all over The Decemberists album "The King is Dead." "Down by the Water" is practically an R.E.M. tribute song.