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  1. One of the staples of my childhood, and I can't believe it hasn't been done (or come up, according to the search function). Ever want to see John Amos (that's the one from Good Times, not the one from Full House) in a leather thong? Here's your change! How about Rip Torn throwing a fake baby into a fire? Bingo! Attack ferrets? INCLUDED. Gratuitous titties? Check (No quite Sheena with Tonya Roberts, the all time champion of gratuitous nudity)! A hero named, no joke, DAR! PLayed by 80s staple Marc Singer, oiled to a dangerous level! Weird creatures whose superpowers are basically liquefying their enemies by hugging them! Top that off with an urban legend that they killed three tigers by painting them to look like black panthers (as opposed to getting black panthers)!
  2. Ludofl3x

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I don't have the "advantage" of knowing the backstory to this scene or the writing of it. I try to look at most movies or television shows in the context they're cut, not whatever got them there, I don't think that's fair to any movie. In other words, I try my best not to bring any sort of stuff that's not ON screen into any critical view of the movie. Otherwise, I'd probably not like the Hitchcock movies I do, knowing what an asshole he was to actors in general and women specifically. I read this scene exactly as you did: not that she was a LITERAL child, but that she was immature, and Indy as a mid-20's guy in the late 1920's may have taken some liberties, but not that she was 15. I figured she was like a 19 year old, wide-eyed kid with dreams of finding a husband (as Amy notes, the "career pursuit" for women was not exactly a widespread phenomenon in American culture then), she met a 26 or 27 year old and much worldlier Indiana Jones. They had a brief and technically consensual affair, he broke her heart and her dad never forgave Indy. To me, there's enough on screen to merit that reading, and not enough to convict Indy of being basically Roy Moore. I had to come in here and get defensive because to me, that scene, from the second his shadow shows up on the wall until "I'm your god damn PARTNER!", is one of the most perfectly executed scenes in modern movies. Maybe besides the shootout part, that scene hits its target exactly, a talky, noiry, sharp back and forth between two sets of two characters. Between INdy and Marian, there's all the backstory (and he absolutely apologizes, he says he's apologized repeatedly, she acknowledges he's apologized repeatedly right after slugging him), there's the set up of Marian as a bad ass, hard boiled pragmatist, smart as fuck because she has the medallion on her and she's holding out for more. THe scene gets even better when Tott arrives and basically shatters the whole thing. The way he says things like "Why don't you tell me where the medallion is, right now?" so softly when he's stoking the fire, and how Marian immediately switches from "We're closed" to "Uh, how about a drink for you and your men?", recognizing instantly that this isn't some run of the mill thug but still not wanting to panic (karen Allen absolutely nails this transition). She says something like "I'm not sure what kind of people you're used to dealing with," to Tott, and he responds with the absolutely CHILLING "Fraulein Ravenwood [without looking]...let me show you what I am used to." Even the capper to the scene, where she tries "Let's be reasonable" in the face of torture, he responds "THe time for that has passed..." I could literally watch this scene every single day and still find something cool in it. It's even tinged with the classic Indy humor, when he asks her for whiskey, or when she takes a shot from the punctured keg. THe rest of the movie is a perfectly paced action movie, it's like a roller coaster, every scene build to something and then pays off. I haven't finished this episode yet, but 66 is WAY too low for this movie. I'm with Paul, this is closer to a top 20 movie than 66. It's a better movie (not a more impressive achievement, a better movie) than Fellowship, so that either means Fellowship is too high (my opinion) or this is at least 49. I guess once you get into the top 20 you kind of have to have an "impact" factor, but I liked this better than Apocalypse Now, the General, The Graduate and the super schmaltzy It's a Wonderful Life. Honestly, how is Empire Strikes Back not on here but Star Wars is #13?!? Sorry, rambling.
  3. Ludofl3x

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    Should ET have beaten Gandhi for best picture? THat's what it was up against, right? This is the first movie I ever cried at. I was seven and have refused to watch it ever since. I also don't like that ET looks damp all the time. TO quote Al Swearengen, "like a just shit fucking turd."
  4. Ludofl3x

    The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

    I think this one is the best of the three movies by a long way, in part because the entire crew is together for the bulk of the story. That makes this an easier movie to make, where the others have to split the group into separate quests. THat said, I love this movie. The Mines of Moria sequence alone is enough to get it on this list, the wights chasing Arwen on horseback that ends with the river stampede, that's outstanding stuff. This really was an achievement in filmmaking. I always liked that it was being called "The New Star Wars!" when in fact there were still new Star Wars movies coming out contemporaneously. THis sort of demonstrated that practical effects and miniatures still have a leg up on the bland CG that was all the rage at the time.
  5. Ludofl3x

    Double Indemnity

    I think Keys was Hank Schrader's spirit animal.
  6. Ludofl3x

    Double Indemnity

    When I was growing up, I didn't know Robinson was generally a bad guy in mobster movies from the early days of Hollywood. When I first saw him as Keys, I said "Hey, that's the guy from The Ten Commandments, the traitorous sellout guy!"
  7. Ludofl3x

    Double Indemnity

    Count me as all in on Double Indemnity. It was the first film noir I saw when I went into my post college "I love classic films" phase, and it definitely stuck. I love the comparison of Keys to the Ledger version of the Joker, how apt! Though I'm surprised that while they mentioned the very actor-ly young lady who played the daughter, they seem to have skipped the even MORE actor-ly guy who played Keys and Neff's superior. His interrogation of Mrs. Dietrichson was almost funny because the way he talks was basically like "What accent even IS that?" Maltese Falcon has to be on this list, too, right?
  8. Ludofl3x

    Upcoming Episodes

    The idea that The Sixth Sense is on this list compelled me to register just to complain about it. Talk about recency bias!