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    Moment by Moment (1978)

    This is an amazing dog of a film, and was kept from home video until an anamorphic DVD slipped out in Germany. Most of the versions on youtube are from terrible TV broadcasts, let me know if you want to do this one and I'll post a Vimeo link with the high rez version. From the wikipedia page: Critical response[edit] Moment by Moment was widely panned by critics and moviegoers.[6] During filming of Moment by Moment, a Los Angeles magazine reported from the set at the time: "The chemistry between Tomlin and Travolta began to rival that between Menachem Begin and Yassar Arafat." A crew staff was also quoted saying: "Two weeks into the shooting on location in Malibu, there was nobody on the set that didn't know we were in the middle of a turkey. It was like being on the voyage of the damned." Two years after its release, Lily Tomlin said of the experience: "John and I were totally unprepared. We thought it was a sweet, small, lightly funny movie. We were not prepared for what others thought. It's the one thing that all performers live in fear of—total failure. And when it happens and you survive, I think you're probably in a much better place. It's made me less cautious. It made me place more importance on the experience of working with other artists than on the reaction of critics or the public."[7] The film remains a "camp classic," with a reputation sufficient to have prompted Mystery Science Theater 3000 producers to try (unsuccessfully) to obtain the rights necessary to broadcast it and mock it on their show.[8]