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  1. You know when Louis C.K. had his second chance? After his first victim. Since he didn't take that chance then, here we are now. I'm not sure why the internet is so puzzled about what he could or should do -- is the mystique of celebrity that powerful? Because here's a couple things common folk do, when they're caught: 1) cooperate with any criminal or civil cases his victims care to bring. 2) apologize to each of his victims personally, and do his best to make up for the harm he did them. 3) commit to long-term, in-patient treatment, in jail or out of jail. And what else could he do, as a celebrity? Since hosting "gee sorry, ladies" women's comedy galas or other show biz mea culpas would be too self-serving, volunteering at a male sex offender's treatment centre or half-way house, and ultimately building or funding one. Because stripped of all the excuses, a sex offender is what he is. And if he can do all that, he can start back with comedy any time he pleases. Because he'll be a different person.