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    Introducing Conan's New Podcast

    This has great potential. Subscribing, with hope.
  2. Atticus1964

    Episode 33 - Animal House vs. Revenge of the Nerds

    I found this episode incredibly interesting. The debate was compelling and passionate, but as much as I respect Amy's perspective most of the time, I have never disagreed with her more than in this episode. I'm sorry Amy, but Devin is 100% correct in his assessment of Animal House as well as his damnation of the "ugly" Revenge of the Nerds. I realize you had this debate back in 2015, but maybe it's a good time to revisit Revenge of the Nerds (in thought... because who the hell wants to sit through that piece of garbage once again?), and I offer here an interesting piece called The Revenge of the Nerds Enters the Brett Kavanagh Culture, which appeared in the New Yorker. Do Texans respect what's written in The New Yorker? The link, in case it's needed: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/revenge-of-the-nerds-enters-the-brett-kavanaugh-culture-warRevenge of the Nerds Enters the Brett Kavanaugh Culture Cheers! Atticus