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    Celebrate #HDTGM200 !!!

    What was your first episode of HDTGM? - Con Air Favorite catchphrase? - "We get it, you have friends" A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) - Sorry, no timestamp, but the Faberge eggs rant during the Freejack: Live had me in tears. I have listened to that digression many times; just thinking about it makes me smile. The episode you revisit the most - Freejack, Jason X The movie that you loved or hated watching - loved the most - Rad How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine - listen on the way to work (walk to and ride metro) a couple times a week. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff - I love sharing with people who haven't listened, and then hearing their reaction. I absolutely love the connection with the hosts when the special guest is Jessica St. Claire!